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Understanding the vicarious humanity of Christ is critical for an adequate grasp of his mediation of the life of God to human beings. Critical because the atonement is realised in the incarnation of God in people, precisely because the Christ of God is a human being who has come in the flesh and now by the Spirit comes in our flesh. “It is precisely as a man that God comes to us in the incarnation” and exactly as a man that Jesus Christ takes His place as the Son of God in the Fellowship of the trinity.


We are included in the Communion of God by God – not by some adaptation of the knowledge of good and evil such as Jesus’ helping people keep the law.


The crux of any true Gospel is ‘inclusion.’ The trend of every non-gospel is separation of some kind that has to be undone by earning acceptance with Christ – like ‘keeping close to Jesus.’ The humbug in this kind of belief lies in the claim to belong in the Body while living out the lie that one earns one’s inclusion in the Body by earning Christ through some version of the law.


Baxter Kruger notes on this convoluted kind of gospel that “When you start with legal holiness, you have eyes only for the cross, and you never see that in Jesus Christ, nothing less than the eternal trinitarian life of Father, Son and Spirit is being lived out inside human existence. You never really get the staggering meaning of the incarnation.” You don’t settle solidly on the truth that when Christ becomes your life the trinity blends into your being. Well why would you when you have been indoctrinated not in being but in the ‘doings’ of the law?


Since the cross we have been interwoven with God to a degree that was not so before the cross. God pursued Israel as His Bride despite her unfaithfulness and whoredom. In the new testament this pursuit takes place with greater agency and intensity because the atonement and incarnation has ‘made the two one’ and the Spirit of Christ joins with our spirit as it weaves us into God from the side of God and from the side of our very own humanity.


God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself and Christ is in us reconciling our humanity to the oneness in Him that He has provided for us to flourish in. Thomas Torrance writes, “We must think of Jesus as stepping into the relation between the faithfulness of God and the actual unfaithfulness of human beings, actualising the faithfulness of God and restoring the faithfulness [of] human beings by grounding it in the incarnate medium of his own faithfulness so that it answers perfectly to the divine faithfulness.

“Thus, Jesus steps into the actual situation where we are summoned to have faith in God, to believe and trust in him, and he acts in our place and in our stead from within the depths of our unfaithfulness and provides us freely with a faithfulness in which we may share. He does that as Mediator between God and man, yet precisely as man united to us and taking our place at every point where we human beings act as human beings and are called to have faith in the Father, to believe in him and trust him.” (1)

Christ is our life in every way. There is no link that you must fulfil other than to agree that He has already drawn you into His life and communion with God. We can agree or say, ‘You are a hard man, reaping where you do not sow’ and bury this treasure in the ground.

(1) Thomas Torrance, The Mediation of Christ, Page 82.