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It’s not acceptable to leave an ulcer unhealed when we have medical skill to fix it or leave a child with a hole in the heart when the condition can be easily fixed through surgery. Neither is it ok to leave people in distorted concepts of the gospel that cripple their soul and hobble their spirit.

When Paul warned of ‘other gospels’ that would come to produce the tares Jesus spoke of, he warned that they would come with a curse. Faulty versions of the gospel are as damaging to your being as a spray of Round-Up is to your corn seedlings. The trouble is we may not know we are wilted.


Deviant gospels produce in us deformities of being that are not always visible on the surface but which have a gangrenous effect on the soul and the spirit. Tolkien captures the idea of lives distorted by deviant ‘gospels’ in the figure of the Orc in the Lord of the Rings. This is why Paul lumped our condition in wrong gospels as in the coffin of the Body of Death.


The selling of cunningly devised fables does not always happen because people are wicked. But it can happen because of laziness, a smug pride in identity or generations of brain washing disguised as church teaching. Jesus’ grace is so expansive that He is able to release droplets of His life through these limited gospels. But the tragedy of this situation is that many who have ministered these convoluted messages as life, eventually pass away without realising that what they gave their live to was actually a delusion.


Should Jesus come into some churches and heal every physical disability in the room, many would remain unhealed in their being and sick in their souls because they live in separation from God instead union with God.

When the core of Godliness is unknown or ignored the power of Christ our life fades to a religion jumping through hoops to ‘earn Christ.’ But an ‘earned christ’ is not the Christ of God.

Human beings exist not just as the recipients of forgiven sin but so that their being continually expands into the infinity that is theirs as sons of God. This is the meaning of Paul’s Christ in you, the hope of glory. The glory of being yourself in Christ in everyday life is glory indeed.

Enveloped in His life the issue is not do this and don’t do that – which is a miser’s spiritual habitat. Christ your life is the flowering of you as a son or daughter of God.

J Baxter Kruger writes, “The Spirit’s passion is to bring her anointing of humanity in Jesus to full and personal and abiding expression in us [as unique persons], and not only in us personally, but in our relationship with the Father through the Son, and in our relationships with one another, and indeed with the earth and all creation.” (1)

‘This is to what Paul is drawing our attention in his letter to the Ephesians when he writes, ‘And this is the plan: At the right time he will bring everything together under the authority of Christ--everything in heaven and on earth’ Eph 1.10 NLT.


Miracles of healing are an advertisement of the greater healing that is ours in Jesus – the healing of our Father wound. The healing of humanity has occurred because the separation of Adam has been undone and our union with God is a fact. This is not something yet to be accomplished or something that depends on us shaping up in some way. It’s a done deal. We grow in our humanity, which is our sonship in communion with our Father, the Spirit and Jesus our Brother.

Yet our inheritance is more than the healing of a bent body, a crooked soul or a wounded spirit. It is our continual maturation into our infinite life. There’s more for you than getting a bunch of qualities together so that you can ‘be like Jesus.’ There’s your continuous evolution as a son/daughter of God.

(1) In Rohr, Richard. The Divine Dance: The Trinity and your transformation (Kindle Locations 3535-3538). SPCK. Kindle Edition.