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Jesus came to set the captives free. Free of what? Free of un-life, free of the death as life - Adamic kind of living that came forth from Adam and free of delusional thinking that stemmed from the lies of Satan – the main lie being that humans would be better off independent of God.

Separation from God came with Adam. Union with God is Christ our life.

God had said ‘In the day that y0u eat of the tree you shall surely die’. Satan denied it. But they did begin to die when they ate of the tree. They entered separation from God. Here they began to experience what can best be described as a living death – the disease of the soul and the death of the spirit. Jesus came to liberate ‘dead folks walking’ by precipitating them into the union with God that Adam lost. Jesus drew us into Himself. He drew us into that union with God that produces spirit and life. We are in this union. Just live it.

The cross put to death our life in Adam and raised us to our life in Christ – a life in union with God. We need to be clear. The Christ and the cross did not introduce us to a new form of religion. Religion is what we have in Adam. Christ made Himself and the trinity OUR LIFE. Your treasure in the field is union with God. Don’t leave it buried.


In oneness, we live not only in fellowship with God but we are joined to the spirit and life that flows from them and is them. To be a minister of life you need to be alive yourself. As an old covenant Believer one can minister from an Adamic standpoint. Here at best we are ministers of droplets of life and at worst ministers of death in the name of Christ. To be born again is not to take on religion in place of rebellion. Neither is it to forsake an old immorality for a new morality. New birth is the start of His life as our life.


If we are attempting a moral and good life in religion we are unlikely to be born again. New birth is Christ’s life becoming your life as Paul asserts in Galatians 2.20, and then goes on to warn in Galatians 2.21 that if we retain ourselves in the law which is a compartment of the realm of the knowledge of good and evil, Christ died for nothing as far as we are concerned. We need to be alert to the possibility that we may have been socialised (brain washed) into a non-gospel.


From time to time I come across people who have left the church. Some of them never knew Christ. What they did know was religion. Whether we are rebels or sincere Believers we cannot enter the Kingdom of spirit and life until we are free of religion and captured in Christ’s life. Some call this mysticism. Actually it reality is Christ. We are talking incarnation.

We have to let go before we can grow as sons of God. Sons are agents of the Kingdom and bearers of Jesus’ spirit and authority. One has not entered the state of being called ‘sonship’ if we have retained ourselves in the law. In the law we are still milling about in the lie of separation from God, despite the fact that Jesus has undone this separation and joined us to God in the person of Himself.

LETTING GOD (repenting)

A legalist is doubly blind because he has retained himself in the original lie of the fall and failed to embrace the truth of the cross and the Spirit of Christ come in our flesh. We have to let go. Richard Rohr observes,

“The purpose of letting go is to freely lay hold of something. And the purpose of this new liberation from bondage is to commit ourselves from free and healthy motives. The effect of contemplation is authentic action, and if contemplation doesn't lead to genuine action, then it remains only self-preoccupation.”

Authentic action is living in freedom yourself and continuing Christ’s mission of setting captives free – free from false Messiah’s, free from false Christ’s and free from delusions that neutralise the cross and deny the spirit of life to almost dead people.