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We have an inheritance that is more generous than many of us know. We have been made one with God. This is the fact of the new testament age. Our living, moving and having our being in God is our reality – but too often the reality that is hidden from us, or stolen from us by poor teaching, old covenant mindsets and the pact. This is the pact made by institutionalism with the consumers of religion – follow us and our message and we will give you a ticket to union with God. But you already have this union. This is the fruit of the at-one-ment and the fact of the incarnation alive and active in you.


The anointing and the gifts of the Spirit are not a substitute for the new covenant. They are the effect of it. The gifts of the Spirit cannot flourish in an old covenant setting because they have no root. Life in the Spirit is our union with God, effected by the cross and ignited by Pentecost. The most subtle efforts of the spirit of anti-christ take the form of replacing Christ come in us, with the law and observances come in our flesh. Christ and not the law is who you are in your flesh.

‘I say this because many deceivers, who do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh, have gone out into the world. Any such person is the deceiver and the antichrist’ 2 John 1.7 NIV.


The Enemy has mobilised bad teaching, false doctrine and false gospels along with misguided denominations to stifle the reality of our union with God. Confined in the law we are separate from God in our hearts and minds. The law gives the illusion of Godliness. But it suffocates genuine Godliness and blocks the life of the Son. Those who have the Son have life. Those who do not have the Son do not have life. They have religion.

There is no position occupied by the Christian which so enrages Satan and his hosts as that of the Enthroned Life. To counteract the effect of the believer taking such a position, the devil will mobilize ten thousand demons and declare war… this life of union with the reigning Lord brings with it an equipment of divine authority which the rulers of the darkness of this world cannot stand. To the enthroned Christian power is given over all the power of the enemy; he speaks and mountains of satanic oppression are cast into the sea.” (1)


You are in Christ enthroned in Him in heaven. The result is that He has come in your flesh on earth. The most subtle alliance with anti-christ is an accommodation to the law and an old covenant mindset. To believe that we remain in the separation of Adam is the great darkness – a darkness that is unfortunately the religious culture of many Believers.

Neither are we in Moses. But we are in God. We are in fellowship with the trinity in Jesus who is our life in every possible way. Praise and worship does not bring people into the presence of God. We are already there. The presence of God is in you. ‘I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20. This is the fact and reality that undoes all sacred and secular dichotomies.

In Christ you are one with our Father. You are alive, you are a new creation, you are resurrection and life. You are a Sabbath rest in person and an agent of infinite life. There are no abstractions to which you need aspire. Because Christ is your life you have become life in your person. You are a son/daughter of God in spirit and in truth. Don’t let the money-changers sell you anything less.

(1) McIntyre, Joe. Throne Life: Sharing Christ's Throne (Kindle Locations 659-663). Empowering Grace Ministries. Kindle Edition.