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Good theology is good because it reveals God as better than we thought God was. Bad theology is bad because it degrades who we think God is and cripples us. Should we be crippled by the latter we may not know that we are crippled because it does not show up because of our crippled theology.


Accommodating ourselves to darkness that we think is light makes us blind. If this is our life work we become doubly dormant and doubly blind.

We can always learn more about God. The pure in heart will see God because they are not side-tracked by distracting agenda. Purity of heart comes from having one husband who is Christ.


‘Heaven invading earth’ is more than a bunch of people getting healed limbs at the front of a church. These healings are a sign that Jesus wants to heal all of life. All of life means family, society and economy. Healing begins when we agree with Jesus that we have been drawn into His life. Now we are in the presence of Jesus, Father and holy Spirit. As they share themselves with us we take on their nature in the spirit of sonship. To live in the law when we could be living in the incarnation is to strangle the influence of God in our life.

Real healing begins to happen when we realise that only
Christ as you can make you, you.


Some of us make little progress in God because we are stuck on a self that is relying on what we think gives us status and identity. But it is actually robbing us of fullness in the second part of life. Until we can give up what we think is us – we will never become our real selves because we have never experienced rebirth. Richard Rohr observes,

Until you can trust the downward process, the Great Mystery cannot fully overtake you. It’s largely a matter of timing. Some of us put it off until the last hour of life. But the sooner you can do it, the better. Almost all spirituality teaches you the secret of dying before you die.

The Trinitarian journey is one that always leads to freedom. This freedom can only be grounded in the very Being and Person of Jesus Christ