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Some years back while reading Paul, I noticed that Paul spoke the words
Christ our life as a statement of fact and a declaration that all that we call life is sourced in Him - and more. The more is that this life in His Spirit is the alpha and omega of the Kingdom and its gospel. One can live in law and shadows of the real. But the reality is Christ. Paul teaches that Christ in us, is the hope and the present reality of heaven alive in us and flowing from our being. How important then that we live from Him rather than from proxies and shadows.


‘These are a shadow of the things that were to come; the reality, however, is found in Christ’ Col 2.17 NIV.

We can, if we wish live Me My Life and give Jesus the remainder in Sabbaths and tithes. This bifurcated life has drops of life but not rivers of living water. We do better living from an incarnation than a contract.



Setting captives free can be a challenge when folks do not think they are bound. But when we choose Jesus as our life He takes over our illusions and replaces them with Himself and His Light. His presence dissolves all stagnation and confused thinking. Should hide in Jesus the stones of all our prisons will dissolve in His Presence.

I once asked the Lord, ‘What do I have to do so that Believers ‘get it.’ He spoke into my spirit, ‘Tell them Galatians 2.20.’ Here Paul summarizes in a few words the reality of the new covenant and new creation life in the Spirit. Our Adamic life is crucified in Christ and our new creation life is ours in Jesus. Jesus lives to draw us into Himself, into fellowship with the trinity and into the life of heaven lived out on earth in our day to day.

‘And I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all people to myself’ John 12.32 NIV.

We are blessed by reading the Bible through the Jesus Lens and contemplating the works of apostolic teachers. These are teachers who live in oneness with God. Teachers who are continually revealing the extravagant love of our Father, the glory of Jesus and the security of our position within the Family of God.

Jesus is not here to assist us to live our religious or church life. He is not the support for all the things Christians think they should do. He is the life of your spirit. He is your life. Your being you is the manifestation of His Spirit in you. The community of saints who are who they are - and not clones made in another’s image are the church Jesus builds. Jesus is not religious. He does not create religious people or a religious church. He multiplies Himself in you.


If you come from a charismatic or Pentecostal tradition, you need to understand that gifts like tongues, prophecy and visions are not the primary gift of this age. The primary and fundamental Gift is reconciliation to God and Christ incarnated in your being. One of the incongruities in some cultures is talk of the Spirit while living old covenant. Should we be formed in an evangelical tradition we need to embrace the incarnation and life in the Spirit, and understand that there is no Gospel of the Kingdom in a state of being that is not new covenant or without the Spirit.


God’s key mode since Pentecost is the new covenant/new creation/living way of Christ our life. Expressed another way this is Christ come in the flesh of His people. As Ron McGatlin asserts, this is how heaven manifests on earth - through you. Father, Son and Holy Spirit reside in you and you in the trinity. The result of this union is the life of heaven manifesting on earth through the church that Jesus builds - not out of institutionalism but out of His person and being multiplied in those who press through institutionalism into Jesus.

A church routine is not a relationship to God even if we think it is.

The fact is, when you live Christ your life, you are the manifest presence of Christ where you are - in your kitchen, laboratory, university or building site. The Gospel of the Kingdom is Christ multiplied as you.

‘These are a shadow of the things that were to come; the reality, however, is found in Christ’ Col 2.17 NIV.

In the new covenant God is never somewhere else. He is not restricted to ‘holy places’ or special times. He is with you in your devotions and in you when you are at work. This is why we need to live from His truth rather than Christian myth, tradition and the inbred false doctrine or ‘try harder’ cultures. The reality is always Christ. He really is in you, loves you and expresses the delight of Father towards you.

To live in the continual mentoring and revelation of Jesus is to learn that Father is infinitely better than we would have thought; that our place in Him is secure and that our potential as sons in our Father’s embrace is huge. All this is a matter of choice. Instruct your heart. Say out loud if you need to, ‘I choose to believe in the grace and provision of Father. I agree that Jesus is my life totally and forever. I declare that in Jesus and our Father I am who I am - I am Jack, Son of God, brother of Jesus Christ and called to be myself in Christ. Christ is not only your life. You are His life manifest to yourself and your family.