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Christ’s liberty takes hold as we become captive to Him. Imprisoned in His life we are totally free to know reality as it is, ourselves as we are and are becoming increasingly the sons of God. Unlike Islam His Gospel is not about ‘submission.’ It’s about union and agreeing with Christ that we have been drawn into His life, so that as sons and daughters, we are part of His life and part of the Communion that is the trinity. We are sons and never slaves.


Jesus came to set the captives free – free of twisted ideas about God and free of perverse ideas about Himself. We absorb wrong ideas about Christ from painful experiences with people, from experience in which we hoped Christ would come through and He didn’t in the ways we wanted - and from distorted gospels that roam like sacred cows in the culture of some churches. All lies originate from the Enemy and all truth comes from Christ and those loyal enough to reveal Him.


Leanne Payne writing of the incarnati0n observes that, “There is great beauty in the movement of the soul as it forsakes its alienation and its inability to hear and know God, and comes into a position of listening, illumination, and union with Him. There is a splendid simplicity to it. On entering the Presence, no matter how twisted and bent the soul has been toward its idols, it receives the grace to renounce them.” (1)


In Christ the veils are removed. When we make a religion out of ‘veils’ we reveal that we are not in the Christ of God or the Gospel of Jesus, Father and Holy Spirit. If you want an easy and un-eventful life just side with the passive and agree with the ignorant. You will have many hangers – on among those who find comfort in blind leaders and a sightless existence.


All who are willing to follow Christ rather than maintain their own version of Christ will be opposed. Those who assume that there is one among many versions of the gospel are not acquainted with ‘this Gospel of the Kingdom’ and its monopoly of truth and being. You can please yourself what shoes you wear to church but you cannot make up your own gospel on the way.


Trust comes from God. It is personified in Christ and it is alive, as opposed to gospels of performance that are a dead-end.

Thomas Torrance “Insisted that the scientists who historically have made the greatest strides in human knowledge were those gripped by the conviction that they were engaging with THE TRUE NATURE OF BEING, and not simply creating mental models which happened to work. As with Einstein, Torrance viewed that latter position as a dead-end.” (2)

Similarly gospel relativisms are a dead end.

We are not of Christ’s Gospel because we have a spiritual gift or because the Lord acts powerfully through our hands. We are of His Gospel and His Kingdom because we are, ‘Found in him, not having a righteousness of my own that comes from the law, but that which is through faith in Christ--the righteousness that comes from God on the basis of faith’ Phil 3.9 NIV.

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