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In Jesus Adam is undone. In the law you are undone and not your real self. The religious spirit removes our access to life and focusses our attention on the knowledge of good and evil. This was the case prior to the fall. It is the same now. Jesus presented Himself as life itself. This was His mission – life to the full comes from union with God. It always was. It does now. We inherit this union in the grace of God. We experience this union by believing the truth that sets us free – free from self-vindication. We can live in this truth as sons. Or we can live as pseudo-sons in the illusion of law and separation.


Should our focus be on achieving righteousness the inevitable result will be self-obsession. “The law” has the appearance of righteousness. But only an appearance. A sub-category of the knowledge of good and evil, the law leads to narcissism, self-righteousness, trivial pursuits, judgmentalism and death. Not surprising because it’s about ‘being as gods.’ The unfortunate truth about ‘mission’ in the mode of law and separation is that ‘mission’ appears to be for others. But it’s actually about our performance and our personal need for approval.

‘For the law of the Spirit of life has set you free in Christ Jesus from the law of sin and death’ Rom 8.2 ESV. The ‘law of the spirit of life’ is Jesus Christ.


It was never a coincidence that those who saw themselves as exponents of the law killed righteousness and true life when it came among them IN THE PERSON OF JESUS. Jesus and His grace are not a deal to help us keep the law – for the law is the opposite of life. It’s the law of sin and death. Grace is Jesus. Grace is His person expressed as us. We minister life to others to the extent that we have been bound in Jesus and liberated from ourselves. This is the rest that is REAL REST. It’s our Sabbath rest in Jesus. Divine rest for human restlessness is Jesus Christ.

Jesus came to offer us life to the full for a reason. Infinite life is found in infinite love, in being who we are and in empowering others to be who they are. This happens when we are released from ourselves and from the need for
self-validation. We are released to be who we are in spirit and in truth. We find such life in the trinity - in the trinity who are not somewhere else but alive and in our authentic being – the spirit of sonship. This trinity is the womb of individuality and community and the source of new creation life.


There is nothing about God that is inward-looking and self-obsessed. Baxter Kruger writes, “
The doctrine of the Trinity means that relationship, that fellowship, that togetherness and sharing, that self-giving and other-centeredness are not afterthoughts with God, but the deepest truth about the being of God.

The Father is not consumed with Himself; He loves the Son and the Spirit. And the Son is not riddled with narcissism; he loves his Father and the Spirit. And the Spirit is not preoccupied with himself and his own glory; the Spirit loves the Father and the Son. Giving, not taking; other-centeredness, not self-centeredness; sharing, not hoarding are what fire the rockets of God and lie at the very center of God’s existence as Father, Son and Spirit.” 
this g.001 ― C. Baxter KrugerJesus and the Undoing of Adam