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Every Believer is incarnated with the Divine Presence. The atonement and incarnation are not earned. They are given as the gift of eternal life. C. S. Lewis wrote, ‘Poetry too, is a little incarnation, giving body to what had been before invisible and inaudible.’ Christ our life is an incarnation making visible who we are in Christ.


In Rick Joyner’s vision the torch is the manifest presence and the sword is the word and the manifest presence in you. In the new covenant living way, our sword is us. It is us being and living as sons of God in our role as priest-kings to reign over ourselves, over adversity and the Enemy. We are the sword because as sons we are co-labourers and weapons in the hand of Jesus. To have a broken sword is to have a set-back in our spirit and be wounded in our soul and maybe to have become subject to disillusionment or cynicism.

The first part of the incarnation was the Son of God with us. The second part is Christ in us. He is our healing and our new creation life. Christ come in our flesh, is the incarnational reality in which we live. We bring and release the presence of God wherever we go because of this indwelling. But this incarnation is not just genuine and sincere human effort.


I mentioned to a friend once that I hoped some people I had known in my youth had a better relationship with God, than going through the motions of church. She said, ‘Keith, that is God for many people.’ Sincere as the remark was, church is not God. Religion is not God. The assumption that such things are god is the reason we can be so wooden and ineffectual as disciples.

Nothing is God that is not Jesus Christ. The assumption that it is – is a foundation lie of the Enemy. Anything that is not God that is worshiped as god is an idol.


Holy Spirit ministers Jesus and in power. The proper functioning of the anointing and the gifts is grounded in our completed reconciliation with God. Our exercise of power from on high is grounded in the incarnation. It is never a substitute for Christ our life.

Ministry in the Spirit with the authority of Jesus is the fruit of incarnational reality. The incarnation is the new covenant realized in the authority of Jesus and the agency of Holy Spirit. God is not ‘us busy’ and the incarnation is not ‘us active in the power of the flesh.’ It is the spirit and life of God flowing invisibly from our hands and at times in visible signs that make people wonder. We are not on our own. He is in us and with us and we are equipped with power from on high.