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YOU CAN HAVE A THIRST FOR LIFE. It comes from God and is Christ in you. In my thirties I experienced ‘The Voice’ and ‘the life’ on a snowy morning alone on cross country skis on Mt Wellington, Tasmania. Bushwalkers sense this life in the bush as they tramp, whether they know what or who it is or not. It can be sensed in the city with its busyness and colour or in the crunching of your feet on the frost on a winter’s morning. As a small boy I saw it as ice on a puddle on a frosty morning in Rotorua N. Z.


You see it at airports when folks laugh or weep with joy on being re-joined to loved ones. You see it when a Father weeps with joy on beholding the little body and the face of his new born, child.

This is the Voice, the Life, the Son of God expressed in us and in the world.


C. S Lewis wrote, ‘The life of the three personed God is to be played out in us.’

In God we are totally baptized into the beauty, glory and delight that is the trinity. We are immersed in life that spreads to every corner of our being. In God, by which I mean the person of Jesus Christ, we can endure - because God in Christ entered into the heart of degradation allowing Himself to be crucified by all that was the worst in man. Yet He rose from the grave and re-established life - a new creation life of even greater glory for us and the world.


Some never discover this life because they never discover a personal Jesus - or if they do have a Jesus he is one who is subordinate to the law, submerged in a belief system, suffocated in religion or negated by another gospel or a competing religious identity. This is the position in some of the sects and their adherents. God is not contained in patterns, rites or ceremonies. – which may point to Him. We have direct access to God in Jesus Christ. He gives us life and makes us shine with His joy. More to point His life manifests as us!


One who has a passion for life; who searches for life is a different person to one who lives to maintain his beliefs; to rationalize his assumptions or maintain an identity he thinks he has in a community of belief. The first is alive and increasingly so. His experience of the fullness of Christ is a steady advance into an infinite life and the joy of the steady abandonment of all false life. He laughingly rejects lifeless motions, stances and things that have no life in themselves. Truly, those who have the Son have life. But the religious man clings to non-life because that is all he has. He remains stunted. The tragedy of the religious man is that he never gets to be himself - only a shadow of the real.


The predicament of those who live in shadows rather than the real is that they do not pierce the veil. They dither between the inert and the vibrant. But life and light are known and lived when Christ Himself is our life; when our spirit is alive and sharp, we penetrate even to the dividing of soul and spirit, death and life, life and half life, fullness and sterility. The man alive in the Spirit of Life knows what is alive and what is dead. The religious man does not. He lives in an opiate of religion.


The power and the joy of grace is that is is a person and a life that is not ours but it is our inheritance AND IN US. The heart of the new testament is the pouring out of life in the form of the Spirit of Jesus into people’s being. This is not just the outpouring of Holy Spirit as such. It is more than ‘gifts.’ The crux is that the relationship of Jesus with His Father has become ours. WE ARE RECONCILED. This is the core, the hub and the engine. From this relationship flows the river that is life itself and Spirit baptism. The gifts flow from this Source. And the Source is life itself; life who is a person; life who is the three-personed God.

The great dance is the abounding life shared by Father, Son and Holy Spirit. And the fact that we are part of it.

J Baxter Kruger writes, “It all boils down to three things: First, there is the Trinity and the great dance of life and glory shared by the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Second, there is the incarnation as the act of the Father, Son and Spirit

reaching down, extending the circle, their great dance of life, to us:

third, there is our humanity, which is the theatre in which the great

dance is played out through the Spirit. This is what motherhood and

fatherhood are all about. That is what fishing and baseball and playing

are all about. And laughter and romance, cookouts and work. They are

the very ways the beauty of Father, Son and Spirit, the great dance of

the Triune God, the glory, the fellowship, the life are played out in in



I have been in places where there are many songs about the cross. I have heard people pray lengthy prayers about their thankfulness to Jesus for the cross. But Father, Son and Holy Spirit are not mourning about the cross, lamenting the pain and the folly of humanity. They are rejoicing in its fruits, in its open door to heaven for man and the mystery of the son of man come to live in human beings. That’s their joy and pre-occupation. The main part of the story and the energy of the dance of life is that Christ, Father and Spirit have made a life in you and that you have been drawn in to their life and that this life is continually advancing in those who believe!

I wrote this post following a reading from J Baxter Kruger’s book, The Great Dance.