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Unless we are willing to let Jesus reach into our hearts and help us examine the possibility that at least some of what we believe as religion is darkness, we will flounder about and call this darkness light.


God is far better than many of us have believed. He is in fact the most loving and affable person in the universe despite the many attempts of the Religious to portray God in their own image as one who is austere or not amused.


Baxter Kruger observes that the mind insulated in its distorted bubble of ‘god perceptions’ cannot help but sculpt a god who at best is not very nice and who at worst is some kind of a tyrant. He writes,


“Our darkened imagination will recreate the Father’s character in its own image. Our shame will disfigure the Father’s heart. The projections of our fear will rewrite the rules of His care. He will continue to bless us beyond our wildest dreams, but in our mythology we will see His gifts and hear “I am not acceptable” confirmed.

The very presence of the Lord in love and grace and fellowship will be translated through the fallen mind and perceived as the presence of One who is at best cold, detached and indifferent, and at worst the great critic, the judge quick to condemn, whose judgmental, watching spirit haunts every room in the universe. The human race is lost in the most terrible darkness–the darkness of its own fallen mind, the darkness of wrong belief and unfaithfulness, of anxiety and projection and misperception.” (1)

Beware the mind that is so piously perverse that it cannot bear to be brought to repentance by another.

A god defined by the law is a god made in man’s own image.


Such darkened imaginations have distorted our versions of Jesus and the Father, personally and culturally. Our Father is more often referred to as ‘the father’ than ‘our father’ because scarcity and distance are seen as the norm rather than comfort and belonging.


Indeed, in some cultures God has become reduced to an expression of the law and the beliefs have more in common with an ideology held in place by a ‘system’ of careful indoctrination. Many inside such a matrix easily form the opinion that God is not very attractive, while those of a more sensitive disposition easily form the opinion that God is mean.


Through the cross the son of God stepped inside this darkness to undo it at its source. In the midst of humanities grossest act – the murder of He who came to reveal God, liberate man and multiply life – God sets off an explosion of love that undoes the lie and declares forever that we belong.


Any ‘god edifice’ built on myths about God – any cult, any ‘system’ any ‘other gospel’ will eventually collapse because it is built on sand. While momentarily perceived as a disaster this will prove a great blessing because it will enable the light of the world to penetrate the mausoleum of ideas that separate us not only from God’s love but from the truth of Himself. You will know the truth because Father, Son and Holy Spirit will live in you to reveal themselves to you. You, in your mind will become the expression of God.

Say this prayer with me. “Jesus, I choose to believe what you believe about me.’

(1) Kruger, C. Baxter. Across All Worlds: Jesus Inside Our Darkness (Kindle Locations 684-690). Perichoresis, Inc. Kindle Edition.