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A year ago I read an excellent book on the nature of Christ as Himself by which I mean the ‘I AM’ of Jesus. This was not the title however. The title of the book was ‘Patmos: Three Days, Two Men, One Extraordinary Conversation.

This is a book from an apostolic author that anyone who desires to be reborn out of religion would be well advised to read. Baxter Kruger’s wrote his thesis under professor James Torrance who in turn was informed by the tradition of The Church Fathers, John Calvin, Karl Baath, Thomas Torrance as well as other persons of spiritual insight.

The greatest wound of the human race is our Father wound. The Father wound, a wound of separation is totally healed in Jesus Christ.

Teachers of good theology are filled with the spirit of wisdom and revelation. They are just as much in possession of healing gifts as people who heal bodies under the power of Holy Spirit. In Fact they are engaged in the greater healing when they expend themselves explaining and uncovering the inheritance that is ours in the accomplishments of Jesus and the trinity. We may be healed if someone heals our deaf ear. But our being is healed when we enter the oneness with God that is ours in His grace. What gets healed is our dead life.


This is a nugget of gold I mined in Baxter’s book. The Christ many of us worship is not the Christ of God. Rather the Jesus we have imagined is the Jesus of us – a construct that has formed in us over the years of meeting challenges in life, of our reacting to a Jesus that we thought might have done better for us than He did, of attempting to rationalise our pain in terms of His love and of relating to a Jesus who is the construct of bad theology, Christian myth and
religious veils.

The efforts of the father of lies do not cease and the spirit of anti-christ seeks to warp the vision of the Christ as he did of our Father. Thus the work of Jesus as the light of the world is to constantly unveil and reveal Himself as THE CHRIST OF GOD and the I AM of Himself. This is so that what we worship is not an idol or a projection of ourselves and our religion but the truth about God and who we are in Him in spirit and in truth. Never forget that truth is life and accommodation to comfortable untruths is disease and death.


It takes something on our part to become one with the truth about God. Don’t expect to know Jesus as He is and your inheritance in its fullness if our whole life is about pumping up our denomination and rationalising our long-held ideas. The pure in heart see God as He is and know themselves as they are. But not the double minded. Baxter Kruger writes,


We live in a relationship with Jesus Christ.  In this relationship Jesus is sharing his own communion with his Father and Spirit with us.  But it makes no sense to our minds.  It is foreign to the way we think–inconceivable …We are bent on assimilating Jesus into our existing vision.  But we can’t.  So the presence of the Son who knows the Father cuts to the chase of our lives, commanding a vast reinterpretation of everything we thought we knew. The crisis is a conflict of vision.  Either Jesus has lost his mind or we have.  Life is where that argument plays out.” (1)

This is why advance instead of stagnation and torpor requires that there will be a time when we must repent of all we have ever believed. Gregory Boyd called it
repenting of religion. It means we must be born again.

1) Kruger, C. Baxter. Across All Worlds: Jesus Inside Our Darkness (Kindle Locations 338-343). Perichoresis, Inc. Kindle Edition.