His Kingdom in you and the world

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There prize that is ours as result of the cross. Resurrection and outpouring of Holy Spirit is much more than salvation. The new wineskin is more than salvation. It is our union with God. It is participation not only in the fellowship of the trinity but our interwoveness with the being of the trinity. Any of us who are this kind of being are different to the formally religious person. We are sons in spirit and in truth.


The new wine-skin is not a clever way of doing the law. It’s not the knowledge of good and evil re-invented. It’s incarnation. A Godly life is far less onerous, pious and regimented than many have thought.

Richard Rohr writes, ““Full and Final Participation” [in God] was learned from Jesus, who clearly believed that God was not so much inviting us into a distant heaven, but inviting us into himself as friends and coparticipants. Remember, I am not talking about a psychological or moral wholeness in human persons, which is never the case, and why many dismiss this doctrine—or feel incapable of it. I am talking about a divinely implanted “sharing in the divine nature,” which is called the indwelling spirit or the Holy Spirit (Romans 8:16–17).” (1)


‘Sharing in the divine nature’ is not sharing in the law, legalism or religion. It’s oneness with God. It’s not earned. It’s the gift of God.

God has planted Himself in you and drawn you into the fellowship of Himself. We have been drawn into interwoveness with God. To live in this state of being is to live in what we already possess. This enables us to drop of the humbug of meaningless religious markers that we have been using as ‘virtue signals’ and live in the freedom of the trinity manifesting themselves with us and as us. This version of holiness means we have been enlarged and set free to be sons.


Union with God and our living in it is the foundation of church and Kingdom life – not the anointing of the Holy Spirit (although this is important) or some re-invention of the church.

When we as people are the manifestation of God as His sons, the church will emerge from torpor and reveal itself for what it is: The new creation. This is not a matter of achieving what we are not yet. It’s living from what we are and what we already have: Union with God. We can live in this instead of in religious externalities and the culture of religion. Should we do this our culture will be alive with spirit and life. It will be the new creation.

(1) Rohr, Richard. Immortal Diamond: The search for our true self. SPCK. Kindle Edition.