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“One great idea of the biblical revelation is that God is manifest in the ordinary, in the actual, in the daily, in the now, in the concrete incarnations of life, and not through purity codes and moral achievement contests, which are seldom achieved anyway.” The parable of the Sower, the Weeds and the Crows is a picture of the post cross life unlived in the Deep Soil of the incarnation.


Christ is witness in healing, signs and spiritual gifts but Christ is lived when incarnated in you and in us.

Jesus is in us and with us. Jesus is both fully God and fully us. By which we mean that He is fully human and representative of us all. Christ is woven into your being as the Lord’s Table indicates. As such Christ joins heaven to earth in the person of you and of us, so that when Bill Johnson talks of heaven invading earth he is not voicing a slogan. He is speaking reality. Reality is always Christ because He joins us to God who is real and who makes us real. The most striking manifestation of the Spirit of Christ is you.


We can live a shallow life, because we have invested ours selves in that which in the scheme of things are trivial and superficial. Some of these things can be enormously expensive while others can be ordinary but futile because they never nurture the ‘real us.’ They detract from our real self because self-hood cannot be owned by them but comes from another place – Christ in you.

When Christ is our life we are real because we are united with our origins and our destiny in God. We cannot be tyrannised by things and they cannot become our idols because we worship God in Christ in the person of Jesus. The result is that we reign over created things and they don’t reign over us. If Christ is our life, our oneness with God, with self and reality is assured. As Kings and priests we reign over life and phenomena do not reign over us.


A life sought in religion will be just as superficial as life sought in materialism and the seeking of identity in brand names and expensive clothes. We start to become a real person when we are done with religion and are enveloped in Christ. This is the our birth out of Adam into our new birth in Christ where we develop into our real selves in the spirit of sonship.

To know God is to know Jesus. It’s also to know you since Jesus is the revelation of who you are and are becoming.


Jesus said that eternal life is knowing God and Jesus Christ whom God has sent. This is not talk about pie in the sky by and by. This is about you being alive as the real and authentic you who spends the rest of your life growing from glory to glory. This advance occurs because Christ becomes you in the Spirit.

It will not occur through the law and indeed cannot because the law belongs to the delusions, conceits and lies of your separated life in Adam. In Christ you are made alive because in Christ you become the person conceived at creation and the ‘you’ birthed when Jesus came out of the grave at the Resurrection. As religious operatives, we can spend our lives as dead folks walking or as sons of God imbued with spirit and life. This brings us to the need for ‘deep knowing.’


“Among the examples we find in the Bible of who can take us into deeper knowing of both Jesus and Christ, two witnesses stand out: Mary Magdalene, who fully knew Jesus in his humanity and was also the first to see him as the Risen Christ; and Paul, who never knew Jesus in his humanity and almost entirely speaks of Christ. He then becomes the most eloquent witness of this version of Jesus through his many letters. This is the same experience available to all of us, the always-present Christ more than the time-bound Jesus, so Paul is a perfect writer for the New Testament and for all later history.”(1)


Paul never cohabited with the living Jesus as did John. Yet it is Paul who becomes a key advocate of Christ our life and the precipitator of the end of religion and its replacement by Christ in us – a state of being that many Believers have not grasped even to this day. John was the evangelist of the incarnation the reality of Christ come in our flesh that Paul described as CHRIST OUR LIFE.

Jesus is just as much with you as He was with Mary Magdalene and He is just as much in you as He was with Paul and John. It’s nice to go to Bible lands and beneficial to associate with other Believers, particularly if they have real belief. But the life-source of you is the Christ who is already in you and with you and the trinity who in Christ have woven you into themselves and themselves into your being. God is not somewhere else. He is not more in some days and less on other days. God is. God is in you. God is manifesting Himself through you.

(1) Rohr, Richard. The Universal Christ (p. 189). SPCK. Kindle Edition.