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“Who God is in Himself is who God is for us (1).” God is the I AM of Himself and never anything less than Himself. He needs no addition, needs no law to represent Himself. God is Father, Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ: Trinity. Jesus, son of God is the complete and only accurate representation of who God is for us. It is this Christ who lives in us and whose Spirit imbues us.


Idolatry is a curse because it views God as God is not an distorts human beings into less than they are: sinners.

There is union and communion in God. God is union and communion and God has drawn us into this communion by the enterprise of the trinity.


“The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit have determined not to exist apart from one another, but rather in and for and with one another (2).” They have determined and planned this for us. We have direct communion with God. God is not only with us but woven into our being. This is the real meaning of life in the Spirit. Life in the spirit is not the gifts bolted on to Adamic /Mosaic separation from God.

Attached to law we are not in the Spirit, not fully sons and not imbued with God’s life spirit and life. The fabric of law is illusion. Law and letter equal death because they are the legacy of the knowledge of good and evil.


The curious contradiction of some Christian thought is that it claims to belong yet lives in pre-cross separation attempting by assorted means to grasp that which it already possesses.


Should we think that we do not belong we will seek identity in things that bring no real identity, attach ourselves to religious rites and icons that are without effect, live in the sense of entitlement we think we have acquired from our religious motions – yet still feel unease and live without a Sabbath rest -without rest because we have sought rest and acceptance with God in things that can provide no rest. Worse still we will take offence at the simplicity and power of Christ our life because it renders worthless the effort we have put into our self-built house. This effort with some is ‘my religion’ which is actually a hindrance and a delusion sent from the pit.


We can live in the law or bits of it and play blind man’s bluff; living from a false self and imagined leading. We have bluffed ourselves. We must bluff because we think we can see when like a Trump are living in a false reality.

You and Father are one. The fall is undone. You are no longer Adam. Christ is your life and you are incarnated with the trinity. This state of being and this INTERWOVENESS WITH GOD is our treasure in the field and our inheritance as sons/daughters. Believe this and we are sons in spirit and in truth. Draw back from it into a lesser gospel and we are sons who have left this treasure in the ground. Sons as Paul would say of the ‘slave woman.’

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