God not only offers us Himself. He offers us ourselves. Hidden in Him we get our real selves – not our best projection of who we hope to be. Those who fellowship with the trinity in a real way- which is directly through Christ their life - acquire a selfhood in God that makes a relationship with religion needless. With Christ as our life everything becomes alive as the incarnation flows through us into the people and things of creation.

When Watchman Nee wrote of the normal Christian life, he was not writing about institutionalism. He was urging us to go beyond dead folks walking and every kind of ‘dead work.’ Our work does not come alive through zeal or placating God. Our doings are filled with spirit and life when we are incarnated with God.

C. S. Lewis wrote, ‘
The central miracle asserted by Christians is the incarnation. They say that God became man.’ In this day and age and in all of our lives God manifests as us. Bonhoeffer wrote ‘The Incarnation is the ultimate reason why the service of God cannot be divorced from the service of man.’

Life giving service to man – the only genuine love – blesses people with the presence of God, when we are the presence of God. Not so much when we are virtue signalling or attempting to pay off an obligation to Jesus. The free and alive person filled with spirit and life lives in the contentment of being himself/herself not needing to prove anything. She just rejoices as herself touching others with spirit and life.

There are revivals and visitations of the Holy Spirit that flourish and then go nowhere because there is no root in
oneness, union with God and incarnation. Nothing stifles the life of God and the authenticity of the Believer as a son like the law and old covenant separation. Let’s be clear. The law is separation. Christ our life is union with God.
We can make a big deal about Holy Spirit and having the anointing. But it is never a substitute for oneness with God and the incarnated you. Without this it will quickly fade and leave the Believer dormant and disillusioned. Holy Spirit without the incarnation has the danger of becoming a passing fad. Unless the healing of eyes and limbs leads to the healing of separation from God it has missed its mark.