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‘Through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit who gives life has set you free from the law of sin and death’ Rom 8.2 NIV.

In Jesus we are joined to the law of the spirit of life. This is not the law of Moses and not a post-cross version of the knowledge of good and evil. It’s the triune God. Jesus wove us into the divine communion. God undid this tree on the cross and planted us as trees of life in the soil of His Person. In Jesus we are in the trinity and the trinity is in us. We have been joined to life itself which is not an ‘it’ but a ‘who.’

The ‘Who’ of God forms the ‘who’ of you and of us. This ‘us’ is the church that is the manifestation of God.


The mediation of Christ is spiritual, mystical and substantial. More substantial than anything of the law which is the letter that promises life. Yet it is the letter than deadens the human spirit and cripples the soul. Christ come in our flesh straightens our spirit and heals our soul.


The effect of ‘letter living’ is however, more subtle and debilitating. In the letter we are bereft of spirit and life and too spiritually insensitive to ‘see’ it. Like an anaemia of the body, the anaemia of the spirit is for the most part invisible, except when the veil is drawn aside by some traumatic life event or if we gain the gift of spiritual eyesight via some profound out-pouring of love.


Paul observes that in the law God is veiled and we are veiled. ‘So all of us who have had that veil removed can see and reflect the glory of the Lord. And the Lord—who is the Spirit—makes us more and more like him as we are changed into his glorious image’ 2 Cor 3.18 NLT. We mature into the glory of our true selves hidden in Christ and joined to His being, which is the meaning of being ‘in Christ.’


Myk Habets quoting Calvin observes, “That joining together of Head and members, that indwelling of Christ in our hearts—in short, that MYSTICAL UNION—are accorded by us the highest degree of importance, so that Christ, having been made ours, makes us sharers with him in the gifts with which he has been endowed. We do not, therefore, contemplate him outside ourselves from afar in order that his righteousness may be imputed to us but because we put on Christ and are ENGRAFTED INTO HIS BODY in short, because he deigns to make us ONE WITH HIM. For this reason, we glory that we have fellowship of righteousness with him. The ‘putting on Christ’ metaphor.. operates within Calvin’s theology to represent the imputed righteousness received in justification. The ‘engrafting’ metaphor stands for the imparted holiness of Christ received in sanctification. While distinct concepts, they are NOT SEPARATE and they are both the benefits received in faith through the unio mystical.”


Christ our life is mysterious, paradoxical and with huge substance. It is the substance of the reality of the trinity in you and in us. It is mysterious and real in the manner that Sarah became pregnant outside her time and mysterious and real to the extent that the Christ of God became incarnated as Jesus of Nazareth.


Some Believers have an inordinate focus on demons. They are real but the superordinate reality is Christ who is all and in all and who has caused Satan to fall like lightning. Others have attached themselves to a vast dualism that they call the great controversy between Christ and Satan – which accords the Enemy far more authority than he has in the post cross victory over the law of sin and death. It comes close to being a faith that is similar to Zoroastrianism with its combination of monotheism and dualism.


John Crowder emphasises the victory of Christ on the cross over all demonic powers, substitute gods and substitutes for Christ, who masquerade as christs when they are in fact false christs.

John Crowder observes that, “Paul told the Colossians that in Jesus Christ, the whole fullness of the Godhead lives in bodily form (Col. 2:9). That means Holy Spirit was in Jesus; the Father was in Jesus; and of course, there was Jesus Himself. The entire triune God. Paul continues to write: And, by your union with Him, you also are filled with it (Col. 2:10, TCNT). What are you filled with? Just Holy Spirit alone? No. Your mystical union with Christ fills you with the entire Godhead. That means Jesus is in you. It also means the Father of Lights lives within you – the One who breathed the very stars into existence. He’s right here, fully inside of you! And, by your union with Him, you also are filled with it (Col. 2:10, TCNT)”.

John was spot on when he warned that forms of godliness that deny Christ come in the flesh, aka incarnation, as THE WAY are anti-christ. Much of Leanne Payne’s book Incarnation, deals with religious substitutes for Christ that dull Christ in us and inhibit the Kingdom God. Anything like religion and especially religion that insulates us from direct union with Christ is an idol and a spiritual adultery.