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‘When Christ, who is your life, appears, then you also will appear with him in glory’ Col 3.4 NIV. Jesus has appeared and He is in you.


The glory of God is to be who God is. Thus life is to be found in knowing God and Jesus Christ whom God has sent. The glory of you is to be who you are. Who you are is who you are in Christ. The Son of Man extinguishes your Adam and manifest your Christ in you. Glory is not how much we can consume. It’s not being a celebrity or an Achiever. Glory is to be yourself loving and giving love as yourself in Christ.


Our starting place in the Kingdom of God is not the anointing. Neither is it the gifts of the Spirit. It’s not the law and it’s not Christian values or moralism. It’s Christ our life. This is so because Christ is our union with God and God’s union with us.

Let’s start at the beginning. You are in Christ and Christ is in you. Christ’s life means the grace that is Jesus. It means the vicarious humanity of Christ. This means that Jesus ‘stands in’ for us and more. It means He is us vis a vis God.


While the gifts of the Spirit are great, they are not the life of God. Christ in us is the life of God which is to say that the incarnation – Christ come in you personally is the life of God manifest as you. Some talk of the presence that comes when we say things like ‘Come Holy Spirit’. But we should realise that the Presence is in us and with us because we are incarnated with the trinity. Take care that you do no wait for what you already have. Incarnation is not reliant on keys and formulae. This is the whole point of Leanne Payne’s book Real Presence. You might be surprised to learn how many think this presence is caused by doing something for God. No. It’s the result of the atonement and incarnation.


John Crowder puts it this way, “Paul told the Colossians that in Jesus Christ, the whole fullness of the Godhead lives in bodily form (Col. 2:9). That means Holy Spirit was in Jesus; the Father was in Jesus; and of course, there was Jesus Himself. The entire triune God. ..

“What are you filled with? Just Holy Spirit alone? No. Your mystical union with Christ fills you with the entire Godhead. That means Jesus is in you. It also means the Father of Lights lives within you – the One who breathed the very stars into existence. He’s right here, fully inside of you! You don’t just have a little portion of God. Not just one percent of Him.. You have the fullness of the Godhead in there. All thanks to your union with Christ. If you started to actually believe how much heat you’re packing inside of you, you could change the world in a single day.” (1)


This is why we should live in the incarnation and not in victories, routines, Bible studies or anointings. We should live in the foundation of the Kingdom of God – the fullness of God come in your being. To live in this reality instead of doing religion is Godliness and spirituality. Religion is just religion and is the major counterfeit of your inheritance: Union with God.

Jesus lives as the expression of the Father. When we live as the expression of Jesus we are not working something up or crucifying the flesh. We are simply agreeing with Christ that He is our life and that His life in His Father is our life in Father. It’s the marketing of religion as the Kingdom that stops the Kingdom happening. It’s living in the union with God that is already ours that releases Kingdom Life naturally and consistently in everyday folks who have become streams of spirit and life.


A man I knew was aiming to have more of Christ by doing communion three times a day. But it’s not the bread and the wine that brings the presence. The Lord’s Table is the reminder and the sign that the incarnation is our everyday life.


Crowder writes, “There is lots of charismatic voodoo going on in the church today.. But those are extremes – not the primary modes by which people get

bewitched. The spell is much more subtle on the majority of folks. It is

usually through the “mundane” disciplines that people get caught up in this..

Disciplines which seem innocent enough, but which quickly become the subconscious indicators of how we gauge our own spirituality. In other words, we appeal to our own spiritual activity rather than the finished work of Christ to define our identity.” (2)


The fullness of God is not in you because you sat in your prayer chair or did your devotions. The fullness of God is in you because the fullness of God is in you. A better discipline is to live in this reality rather than living in the many assumptions of separation that are the religious illusion into which we have been socialised.
We can enjoy measures of grace even if we do not understand the whole truth. But we enjoy more of God's life when we live in His grace and truth, because truth is life. Distortions of reality began with the
father of lies. Belief in his narrative introduced death where there had been life. All aberrant gospels are the same.

When a ministry opportunity arises we can do two things. We can deliver a piece of the knowledge of good and evil or we can
be spirit and life and release a stream of spirit sand life that grows the Kingdom of God.

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