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‘Praying without ceasing is not ritualized, nor are there even words. It is a constant state of awareness of oneness with God.’

Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood remains in me, and I in them’ John 6.56 NIV.

We have been gifted this in Christ. Eating His flesh and drinking His blood is not a Christian discipline. It’s a state of being that is ours as a result of the mediation of Christ. Grace is the living way into non-dualism which is union with God. Christ mediates His life and His accomplishments to us in the Spirit. Life in the Spirit is Christ in us – His life as our life. Sonship is the expression of our real identity in Christ our life.

Jesus Christ is at once God for humanity and human being for God... [mediating] the things of God to humanity and the things of humanity to God.”

The Lord’s Table is the sign of our already existing oneness with God. Separation from God is often assumed in Christianity if not taught. Churches can label themselves as a ‘stairway’ to God. Union with God can offend those operating from a sense of religious entitlement. It can be thought presumptuous by those who have been taught a contractual relationship with God. Never mind that the Lord’s Table illustrates that Jesus died for our sins as well as the fact that He becomes us through the ingested bread. ‘This is my body’ denotes that the Son of God died in real time on the cross and that this son of man and son of God becomes us and becomes our life because we eat His flesh in the spirit and drink His blood in the spirit.

Not only that but His fellowship with Father becomes our fellowship.


The truth is that Christ has
come in our flesh. The essence of the new testament is that Christ becomes you and by becoming you become the church – the church built without human hands. This is less an institution and more an incarnation – infinitely. It’s certainly not religious, despite what those with a vested interest in promoting religion may want us to think.


Thus God is not confined to the cloister or even to our prayer chair. He lives in us which is to say that He is alive and part of every aspect of our life. This explodes a religious view of God and releases our view of Him to be a lover of life and lover of us. Despite the existence of a residual puritanical and Neo-Platonist bent, God does not take a dim view of pleasure, sex, excitement and joy. God invented sex along with its beauty, power and sensuality. C.S, Lewis has a proper view of toast and marmalade jam.


If we live from a law-sin mentality we will taint life with death. If we live from life in the way Paul urges us to live - which is Christ our life - we will have proper discernment about life as it is meant to be, and know how to avoid modes in which life is being degraded. But more to the point we will celebrate and exult in life where it is without the need to create pieties and compartmentalised ‘sacredness.’

Separationism is the effect of a knowledge of good and evil world view. It’s the result of living a subverted form of Christianity that is actually a of the tree of the fall, with it dichotomies and arbitrary divisions between good and evil. But you are in life because you are in God. ‘In Him [Christ] is life than that life is the life of men and of women.’


The genius of the incarnation is that in our being drawn into God we are participants not only in His life but in the created realm, given that Jesus Christ is the logos and the living meaning and purpose of the entire creation. In Him we have our being and so does the earth. This is not pantheism but a spiritual union with created things that comes from Christ having created all and being in all. Stephen Morrison observes,

Whenever separating “Jesus died my death,” from “Jesus assumed fallen humanity,” (or the atonement from the incarnation) we make a fatal error. This error leads to a legalizing of the Gospel, turning the good news of Jesus Christ into bad news of religion.’ (1) Religion stifles life. Direct communion with life in the person of Jesus Christ multiplies life extravagantly.

Religion is bad news.
Christ our life* is the good news. It’s personal and universal and He fills all He touches with His spirit and life.

* This is not about the resurrection and eternal life. It’s about our now life incarnated by the fullness of God.
(1) Morrison, S. D.. We Belong: Trinitarian Good News (p. 115). Beloved Publishing. Kindle Edition.