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Legalism is a reductionist view of Christ and of us. Christ our life is the authentic view of us in the mode of life without limit. In Christ our life we are sons. In the law the lie we are workers deprived of our inheritance.

When I was younger I related to God largely in sin consciousness. Many do. But if we allow Jesus to reveal Himself to us we will gradually come to understand that sin is not the main issue. Life is the issue and this life is found in joyful fellowship with God in Jesus Christ.

But we are not just with God. God has woven us into Himself.


This life is much more than forgiveness for sin on offer. It’s more than about sprinkled blood. It’s more correctly a sprinkled life where you are BAPTISED INTO YOU, as a result of your baptism in Jesus. Jesus said unless we eat His flesh and drink His blood we have no life in us. He was talking incarnation.


This is a life where ‘this is my body given for you’ becomes His life as ours.

Jesus is the door into fellowship with Himself and fellowship with God our Father and God the Holy Spirit. We really do enter into companionship with God who is as far from the Unmoved Mover as Jesus with kids on His knees is from austerity economics.


If there is a key text that captures the core of God’s accomplishment for us in Jesus it would be this one and others like it. ‘On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20 NIV. What might happen to you on that day? You would be born gain – born out of your Adamic separated life and born into the fellowship and conviviality Jesus enjoys in the Holy Family.

“The Cross and its way of saving man stands at the heart of the Christian faith, for it is here that the Life that came into the world in the Incarnation is poured out for us. At the Cross we who believe take, as it were, our place in Christ’s death. There we die with Him to our own sins and the sins of the world. Dying with Him, we also rise with Him. Dying to our old sinful natures, we are made righteous by His sinlessness. That is why God’s way of saving us is faith in Christ crucified.” (1)


So our reconciliation is much better than a nominal position in the Body of Christ. It is our interweaving into the Family of Heaven and the habitation of this Family in our being. Of course it’s more than this. When we enjoy this interwoveness as a community we become agents of the new creation and the quality of life enjoyed in heaven makes its way into our being, our families, churches and society.


The power of this relationship is Christ in you. The dynamic of this interwoveness is the incarnation of Father, Son and Holy Spirit into our being. We live in this presence. This presence lives in us and is interwoven into the fabric of our being.

The end-p0int is not a list of virtues. It’s you as a son/daughter of God.


God is distinct from us yet is part of us and we are part of Him. It is this incarnation that is the soil of the Spirit without limit, our ability to form projects in the image of God’s creation and our power to ignite the things we do with the spirit-life of God. It’s the difference between dead men working and life-giving spirits rejoicing in creating heaven where we are.


“Reconciliation is the Father’s forgiveness determined to become flesh, determined to incarnate itself into our fallen existence to undo our alienation. It is the relationship, the fellowship and communion of the Father, Son, and Spirit stepping into our blindness and mythology, into the cesspool of our trauma and wounds so that human perception can be thoroughly converted and the Father’s love can be truly known and experienced. The purpose, the aim, the object of reconciliation is not to change God, but to bring us into communion with the Father, so that we could know Him and His lavish heart and live life in the freedom of His embrace.” (2)

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