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The separation that Adam began was ended in Jesus Christ, by His atonement and incarnation. The undoing of separation has come via the enterprise of the trinity and the accomplishment of Jesus Christ who came as the Son of God in human flesh and has since taken up residence in our being as individuals and as the Church.

‘Realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20.


‘Christ our life is our life due to His achievements and because He is woven into our being and in Him, we are woven into God. There is no separation in Christ Jesus – not unless we choose to live in a false separation because we have believed the lie that has been insinuated that separation from God is real and oneness with God is not.


We do not live a sanctified life due to the anointing and spiritual gifts. We live this life well when Christ is our life because we have believed Him, the triune God takes us up residence in our being. ‘Jesus replied, "Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching. My Father will love them, and we will come to them and make our home with them’ John 14.23 NIV. Because the trinity is in us, we become an expression of God and take on His nature.


Holy Spirit and the gifts do not accomplish something that Jesus did not. Our union with God and progressive healing is the effect of Christ our life. The antidote to legalism is not Holy Spirit and the gifts. The elimination of legalism occurs because Christ becomes you. As a daughter/son, you are the effect of the triune God.

The anointing is a consequence of the at-one-ment and incarnation. The gifts work properly rather than crookedly when in Christ we are rooted in the trinity through Jesus Christ. We are the branches of the Vine when we believe we are. Not when we have welded the gifts onto the law and old covenant.


Jeff McSwain observes that “To hold out the Spirit as a second blessing or additional work of grace is to divorce Spirit from Son, as if the Holy Spirit’s role is to finish a work Christ has not finished; at that point our anthropocentric penchant for synergizing is suddenly foisted upon the Holy Spirit himself! … There are indeed intermittent movements of the Spirit amongst humans, visiting us as gifts of “transitory and partial bestowals. However, one must not mistake these movements as concerning a lack of the Spirit’s abiding presence in every person. For Barth, the critical distinction is that the presence of the Spirit is always by grace, always because of God’s act, always because human beings exist in the humanity of Jesus, who shares his fullness of the Spirit with his brothers and sisters.” (1)


While in times of ministry one may ‘sense the presence’ this does not mean that the Spirit is not always present or that we are not one with God. The Believer has a communion with God that the non-believer does not have, but the non-believer is not cut-off from God and also lives in His presence, whether or not it can be sensed. Should we invoke the manifest presence we are invoking what already is. Declarations are in order as they declare the sovereignty of Christ over unclean spirit and human unbelief.

The comfort and solidity of our life in God is not found in the gifts. It’s found in the fact that we are never orphans because Christ is in us and with us. Incarnated with the triune God, all ground is holy ground because we as sons of God have stepped upon it. We are bearers of the Presence and an expression of the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit. We do best as sons of God when we live in our authority as daughters and sons.

(1) “Simul Sanctification.” page 85