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‘For God, who said, "Let light shine out of darkness," made his light shine in our hearts to give us the light of the knowledge of God's glory displayed in the face of Christ’ 2 COR 4.6 NIV.


Our ‘belonging’ in the Body of Christ is faint comfort if our beliefs cripple us or make us a disease. There’s a difference in being different for a good reason and different because of a disability. There’s a difference in being part of the Body that is a robust organ and part of the body that is a tumour.

The truth is that we do belong but what we believe about the achievement of that belonging conditions whether we live out our lives in the cattle carriage of the train or in company with the trinity and the inhabitants of heaven. Since the cross you do belong and you belong because of what Jesus has done and not what you are doing.

What we believe affects our spirit and our soul.


Christ is your everything in your relationship to God, to yourself and to others. Separation from God was undone at the cross, when Jesus cried It is Finished separation was finished. There is no condemnation in Christ Jesus and no separation from God in Him. A great deception is the belief that we are separated from God and the task of Christianity is to undo it. But separation is no more. The task of apostolic people is to ensure that Believers live in their inheritance - their already achieved union with God.


Incarnation is the fact of the post cross age. Incarnation is the power of the new creation and the guarantee of its reality. Incarnation is the soil of the Spirit without limit because it is union with God. It is the ground of the anointing, the guarantee of the purity of the gifts and the surety of their continuity. Incarnation is you in the trinity and the trinity in you. Incarnation is Christ manifest as the church, not in words and position statements but in reality. Incarnation is a state of being sons in spirit and in truth.


Incarnation means that God is in you - not in places or times but in you. God is where you are and is manifesting in who you are. We do better to think less about receiving Christ and more about the ground of our being: the fact that Jesus Christ has received us into His life. You are not separated from God, you are not capable of keeping close to Jesus, which is why Jesus is in you and with you. The fact is He is you. This is how Jesus is the church and how the church is the Body of Christ.


This is your state of being in the new covenant, it is who you are in the vicarious humanity of Jesus Christ. To live and believe this is to walk in the Light. To neglect, deny it or not want to receive it is to walk in darkness. This is the great darkness that typifies certain denominations and great swathes of Believers, hobbling like blind mendicants on the road to heaven. You are not a beggar. You are a king.


I found this description of sleep walkers recently in a facebook post by Francois Du Toit. “I see it like people sitting in darkness with their eyes blind to their surroundings...and this darkness is deception. And this darkness/deception elicits fear in the hearts and minds of these people because they cannot truly live, and indeed were not created to live, in darkness. This darkness/deception is a prison within which the people ‘think’ they are separated...in their darkness they become stressed and sick and traumatized. And because it is so dark they cannot even see who they themselves are...darkness/deception obscures everything they can and should know. It obscures that they are each and every one loved and treasured as unique beautiful masterpieces created by an infinitely and unconditionally loving Abba Father. Then suddenly! Suddenly, with mystical timing, the light erupts...and they encounter light and love and truth!…and this light births faith which SEES!

These precious ones who had been living (barely living) in darkness/deception that caused terrible chains of fear didn’t switch on the light themselves...the light was not of their doing any more than the faith birthed was of their doing...this Light was and is a gift...this faith birthed was and is a gift...and the freedom to see with faith eyes in Heavenly light and to encounter the bliss of Abba’s love is simply, yet profoundly, the most marvelous gift! And this gift was planned from before the foundation of the world! And because Abba God so loves the world He gave and gives and will keep giving this marvelous Gift soaked in Grace because it is His will that NONE will perish in the darkness/deception! For as in Adam all fell into darkness/deception...so in Christ ALL will be made alive!

Darkness/deception is swallowed up in glorious Light! Fear has no place to hide and is cast out! Yay Papa!... Yay Jesus... Yay beautiful Spirit!

Perhaps in our hearts we all, when trapped in darkness, cry out “help, save me!”...and in perfect time our Abba Father responds “My precious child, I already have...now see!”

Oh the goodness of our God! Oh how encounter with His glorious goodness transforms our thinking...from darkness to marvelous light...from fear to forever love! Oh the glorious Light of the world! And in this Light there is bliss, a profound sense of divine love...a knowing that we are and have always been loved and adored...with eyes of faith, birthed in and flooded with love and light, we just know. Truly how encounter with His goodness transforms our thinking!”

We do well as sons and daughters when we are people who conform to Jesus’ Light, rather than a people who do our best to persuade Jesus to mold Himself to our light.