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Jesus Christ is the express, authentic and one representation of God. He is God. To see Jesus is to see our Father.


Jesus’ role is not to grace us to cope with the law. His role is to grace us into Himself and His life.

It helps to know what salvation is about. It’s not mainly to do with sin or sin management. The mission of Christ had one purpose. This was to draw you and the human race into the life of Himself, the Father and Holy Spirit. Sin is a crooked state of being caused by separation from God. In Jesus separation is undone and you and Father are one. As such you take on His nature.


There is no representation behind Jesus that is different to Himself – no abstraction like the law. He is never known as something less than Himself. As Jesus of Nazareth, He denoted something more than what appeared. Jesus was the I AM of God. Jesus is not a representation of the law. (He is not that small) Jesus Christ is the Outlier and Representative of the trinity as the Son of Man. But in this He is also the expression of you – the mirror of who you actually are. The impetus to do better is not a list of ‘do.’ The Mirror in which you become what you see is Jesus Christ who is in you to express His person as you.


In The Mediation of Christ, Thomas Torrance writes, “
As the full and final self-revelation of God .. Jesus Christ confronts us as One who is identical with the divine Self whom he reveals. That is to say, he is one with the Lord God who proclaimed in his unique self-revelation to Israel: 'I am the Lord your God, You shall have no other gods before me. You shall not make any graven image or likeness of God for yourself.' And so, as St John reports to us, at the end of his ministry as he went forth to consummate on the Cross the supreme act of God's self-giving for mankind, Jesus took into his own mouth the very words of God Almighty: 'I am.' 'I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one goes to the Father but by me.’”


Having presented Himself as the Expression of The Father, it is preposterous to make Him the expression of an abstraction such as the law. The Christ denotes something greater than Himself – never something less than Himself.

Torrance continues, “
He [Jesus] took care to explain that he who has seen him has seen the Father, for the Father dwells in him and he dwells in the Father. What God the Father has revealed of himself in Jesus Christ his Son, he is in himself; and what he is in himself as God the Father he reveals in Jesus Christ the Son. The Father and the Son are One, one in Being and one in Agency. Thus in Jesus Christ the Mediation of divine Revelation and the Person of the Mediator perfectly coincide.” The point of this is that this Person is in you and becomes you. That’s the new and living way of life to the full.


Jesus is who He says He is – the I AM of God. Not something less or something different but ‘the Christ, the Saviour of the World’ as Peter had exclaimed.

Life in the Spirit means Jesus graces you with His life; with oneness with His fellowship in the trinity. In doing so He puts you where you belong, in union with Father and Holy Spirit and Himself. Adamic separation is undone. Genuine religion, or more accurately, spirituality consists of agreeing with this oneness and living in it everyday of our lives.