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Should you have been raised in religion as a contract rather than a covenant the content of these posts may seem at first mysterious.

Steps to Christ have already been walked and made ours by Christ. There are no steps one must carry out to be one with Christ. Christ is our life as Saviour and the Last Adam. The vicarious humanity of Jesus means He is for us and represents us.

“The one who died on the cross is the eternal Word made flesh, the very one by and through whom all things are created and have their being, and in whom hold together. Because all humanity is ontologically bound to the incarnate Creator Word, there can be no restriction to the atoning work of Jesus Christ.” You belong and we are included in the Communion that is God. We participate in Christ by naming Jesus as our life.


If it is up to us to do steps to receive Christ then we are not saved and never can be. Not saved because we remain in that state of separation that Jesus came to undo. This unsound doctrine is of the same class as the ‘keeping close to Jesus’ syndrome – subtle form of legalism that combines a ‘kind of faith’ with the neitralising of the cross. If it is up to us to earn Christ we are not living in grace.

‘I do not set aside the grace of God, for if righteousness could be gained through the law, Christ died for nothing!" Gal 2.21 NIV.


When Jesus cried, ‘It is finished!’ He had undone Adamic separation and created our oneness with God. This was even an improvement on Adam and Eve’s walk with God. In the person of Jesus Christ we are one with Father, son and Holy Spirit. In the person of Jesus, we are woven into God’s being and He into ours.


The truth of all truths is that Jesus in the Father and we are in Him.. The real Gospel is that not that we can receive Jesus into our lives. The Gospel of Jesus and Paul is that we have been received into His life. Baxter Kruger, following Thomas Torrance and the Church Fathers urges us to live in this truth. This is truth that is a state of being rather than an assertion, a proof text or a doctrinal position. This is the truth that we have been received into union with God.

Live in your oneness.


The fact that God has reconciled the world to Himself does not mean we automatically live in this union. We must choose to participate in it. The non-believer is invited. The Believer is invited to live in the fullness of her inheritance.


The fact that we are Christians does not mean we are living in this oneness. We may have made a religion out of separation, meaning that our religious life consists of an ongoing attempt to overcome the separation between the self and God that no longer exists.

There are Believers who make a religious piety out of ‘I am a pitiful sinner separated from God, but I’m trying so hard to be worthy of God.’ Apart from being pathetic it’s a sign of unbelief and a self-made insulation between us and the union with God that is already ours.

Rivers of living water flow from us when we live in His life instead of some kind of ‘sin management’.


The Lord’s Table does not provide union with God. It is a sign, a celebration and a reminder that Christ is our life; that His life has become our life in the same manner that the Bread becomes our spirit, soul and flesh. The Lord’s Table is a sign and a reminder to live in the incarnation.

You have already been drawn into the Family of Heaven. Companionship with Father, Son and Holy Spirit is already yours. Your communion with God in Trinitarian fellowship is a fact that has no relation to your performance. But it is the key to your fruitfulness as a person of life and grace. In oneness with Christ all our externalities are charged with the creative spirit of the Creator.


The key to the enjoyment of God and acceptance of yourself might seem to be success in getting oneself ship-shape, in cleaning oneself up to become worthy of intimacy with God. But in Christ you are both clean and worthy. Your enjoyment of fellowship with God is not found in your success in overcoming. It’s possible that there are areas of you where this will never happen. So the bottom line is not your victory over some sin. The bottom line, the foundation of your sonship is His life as yours. Christ’s victory over sin and His representation of you is God’s gift to you. This means that the key to your development as a son/daughter is to agree with Father, that Christ and not you is your life.


“What if he is not waiting for us to clean up our acts and invite him into our world? What if he has already accepted us as we are, already met us in our shattered lives? What if he is already walking through our fallen minds, already sharing himself with us? Could it be that there is far more going on in our lives than we ever dared dream? Could it be that we are now included in his knowledge of the Father? The gospel is not the news that you can be involved with Jesus, if only you get your religion right. The gospel is not news of what can be at all. It is news of what is.” (1).


You are not mediated to God through the law or religion. You are made one with God through Jesus. Allow no religious insulations to dull your union with God. Paul encountered much resistance when he told the Jews that Christ was their life and that the law was not. Many Christians have not surmounted this stumbling block even to this day and exhibit a dullness of soul and spirit as a result. They remain the children of the slave woman despite Paul’s warning centuries ago. They think that Jesus is here to help them keep the law. Not at all. Jesus is here to be our life; to be our relationship with God; to express all that the trinity is through our being. Thus Christ come in our flesh is the fullness of God come into our being forever.


Christ desires to be you in a way that reveals your glory. The nature of who you are and the quality of life that you enjoy – your ability to celebrate yourself with innocence and humility will increase when we repent of religion and embrace Jesus without addition or dilution. You will be done with the false self that is made from externalities. Externalities that we have added to ourselves like baubles on a Christmas tree. Rid of ‘false christs’ you will become your real self, overflowing with spirit and life. Kruger continues,

“He has included us in his world, in his life and communion with his Father, in his anointing with the Spirit. He is sharing his own heart, his own knowledge of the Father, his own assurance and hope and joy with us all. He is putting his communion with his Father inside our own endarkened souls. (2).


Jesus lives in you to reveal Himself to you as He is. But more than this He releases into your heart continual revelation of the real nature of our Father, the true nature of His unfolding plan and the real potential of us. But not just potential. In this enveloping in Father we become who we are as daughters and sons. This is holiness and wholeness. It is Father’s glory and yours. Hidden in Christ we are positioned to be revealed as we are – the sons of God.

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