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‘Keeping close to Jesus’ is a common Christian saying that implies our closeness to Jesus is intermittent, that it is earned and that the responsibility for relating to Jesus is ours. What it does is exchange the law of the old testament for an invented law of the new testament – ‘earning Jesus’.

The Gift of God is eternal life: Jesus.

You have a Sabbath life. Jesus is just as much in you and with you in your daily incarnated life as He is in a praise and worship service. Some Believers practice hour long praise and worship services as preparation for the delivery of the Word. This can prepare a heart to receive, but is no more effective than a person who has been incarnated all week with the trinity in her work in the lab.


Religion does not put Christ in you. Christ puts Christ in you. Spirit and life comes to us via the incarnation that is ours as a new covenant Believer. Christ our life is constant and certain and in no way reliant on a band, worship leader, pastor or a vigorous raising of the hands in our own developed ‘style.’ You don’t earn Christ. Jesus has earned you.

This is not to drop a bucket on praise and worship, service or meeting together in Jesus. But it is to say that Christ is in you where you are. In the post cross age Christ is our life. If not we are peasants by our own choice.


Praise is good. They do a lot of it in heaven. It’s elevating because Jesus is worthy of our praise. But union with Jesus is not ours due to an intermittent engagement in praise and worship. He’s not only with us when we can ‘feel the presence.’ He is always with us and in us when we feel nothing.


Oneness with God is ours because God made it so in the at-one-ment of His Son. The incarnated life in which God blends His Person with us is the real bread of life and the sustenance that is Christ in us. ‘On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20. This is the day we are born again because we have moved from religion to union with God.

JESUS IS YOUR ONENESS because Jesus is you.

We are not accepted in Christ by what we do, because we are not united with Christ by any work of our own. We are healed by the uniting of Father’s being with our being in the person of Jesus Christ. Oneness with Christ is not something anyone must earn. Christ is already in you and with you and part of your being. He as Himself is the healing and ‘growing’ Christ in us.


James Torrance writes, “Christ does not heal us as an ordinary doctor might, by standing over us, diagnosing our sickness, prescribing medicine for us to take and then going away, leaving us to get better as we follow His instructions. No, He becomes the patient. He assumes that very humanity which is in need of redemption, and by being anointed by the Spirit in our humanity, by a life of perfect obedience, by dying and rising again, for us, our humanity is healed in Him, in His person. We are not just healed through Christ, because of the work of Christ, but in and through Christ. Person and work must not be separated.” This is why in the Kingdom we have inherited, Christ is our life and we are not. Once we realise this, we enter spirit and life as sons who are sons in substance and not just in talk.

(1) James B Torrance, Worship, Community and the Triune God of Grace. P 53.