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Paul tells us forthrightly that if the law is still what we are living from then ‘Christ died for nothing.’ He says that God’s righteousness has been made our righteousness ‘apart from the law.’ He tells us that this has occurred according to the primordial plan which has been realised post cross as ‘Christ in you’.

John is specific about this declaring the incarnational truth that
we are woven into God and God into us. He is more direct in his declaration that the core of the Kingdom is Christ come in our being - along with the warning that a dilution of this is ‘law-revisionism’ and the work of the anti-christ spirit.

Teaching that the new covenant is the old covenant is is at best a mistake and at worst a lie. Yet some have made religion out of it.


There are many varieties of the law because the law is but one form of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. It has many fruits ranging from The Ten Commandments to church culture and christianity as religion. The technique of the Enemy is subtle. Rather than contradict the gospel ‘another gospel’ is substituted for the real gospel. Instead of Christ being our life, the law remains our life and Jesus stands to one side and renders assistance in our keeping of the law and ‘being a good Christian. But this is not Christ’s gospel. Thus Adam is not undone and we remain bound in a similar delusion to the original lie – You can become Godly through self-help.


Following the cross, Jesus is our life full stop. The manifestation of His life through us is the new creation which is the Kingdom of God.

The Mosaic law could not bring forgiveness of sins, life, or freedom and was never meant to be mixed with what could bring us these blessings. God did not provide us with a “repaired” covenant as though it were an automobile in need of being fixed. The covenant did not need fixing—the people were the problem.

But repairing the people isn’t what was called for—what they needed was to die and to receive a brand new life. The old vehicle would have to be sent to the scrap yard, as God provided a brand new replacement that would have an everlasting guarantee. The old bus Israel was traveling on brought them to a stop at the cross, where they would be allowed to transfer to an entirely different and brand new, luxurious bus. To be perfectly clear: it’s not called the updated covenant, it’s not the amended covenant, or the revised covenant—God said this would be a new covenant. The word new here means fresh and unused
.” (1)


To say that Christ is our life is to say bluntly that He becomes us by the Spirit. It is not saying that we collect unto ourselves a bunch of admired denominational values and call these our life. It is Christ who is our life and Christ who is expressed as us. This is righteousness and life in spirit and in truth.


When Christ, plus nothing is our life we have unobstructed access to the throne of God. The more of us we add the more we block what could have been rivers of living water.

Due to grace we as law-keepers have access to drops of living water and occasional dribbles. Sometime there are creeks when someone gets the Holy Spirit. But these dry up when people revert to religion and the old covenant.

The spirit and life of God flows from union with God. Never from union with an abstraction like the law and the innate separated mindset of the knowledge of good and evil.

The issue is that we need the mind of Christ so that we have the Christ of Christ - and not some law-warped false christ - to be our life. We need His gospel and not some denominational aberration. All belong. All have this inheritance notionally. But those who have it in spirit and in truth are those who have sought the Christ of God, His gospel of the Kingdom and His definition of who they are in the spirit of sonship.

(1) Kapler, Michael C. Clash Of The Covenants: Escaping Religious Bondage Through The Grace Guarantee (Kindle Locations 442-449). Kindle Edition.