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We have an unvarnished identity in God that is of more value than any of the encrustations we add to ourselves in order to pump up our personal sense of self-worth.

Jesus knows who we are more than we know. Despite what we frequently do in citing our achievements or possession to ourselves, our real identity is not in these achievements. It is in our spirit. It is in the unique being that was conceived in our parents and before that in the trinity and which came into the world when we were born. Our great wound living in Adam is living as a cripple in self-made identity. This is why if we need to value ourselves as a creation of God and we need to agree with and enter our identity in the Spirit.

You had an identity before you were born and you grow into this identity when you are reborn into Christ’s life as your life.


We grow into this identity as we receive Jesus exclusively as our identity. To say Christ is my life is to say that Jesus is my identity. It can take some boldness to do this - to let go of other props. It can also take humility, which is why the pure in heart will see God and the others will bump about in confusion.

It is in Jesus that we uncover our real selves and dispense with the veils of which Paul writes, 'In Christ are the veils removed.' This is why we need to aim to live a Jesus Life rather than a Christian life in the assumptions that we have absorbed or inherited a genuine identity from others.

We are saying that our identity as a Baptist or something else is of far less value to the development of our soul than the infinite worth of being a son of God - a son not notionally but in spirit and in truth. Don't expect to grow from glory to glory if our identity is shrouded in religion or ‘another gospel.’

The extent to which our identity is being propped up by people and institutions we deem significant is the degree to which our identity in Jesus is dented and our sonship is diluted.


You can have your real identity. It has been won for you from the father of lies and handed back to all who will receive an unpolluted identity in Jesus. Just as you cannot have two masters, you cannot have two identities - unless you are ok with being a split personality - which is the opposite to the wholeness that is ours in Jesus. In Him the two and the double-minded are made one and we become less and less caught in confusion, poor discernment and specious doctrine. The blessing of being entirely in God and secure in His offered sonship is that we are always living water and never appear as clouds without rain.

Christopher Heuertz writes, "Tragically, most of us start with our sense of identity, believing that if we build out the mythology of who we think we are, then the more attractive our identity and the more valuable we become. But when we equate our dignity with the sum value of the fortification of stories we tell about our identity, we create a no-win scenario that will always lead to disillusionment and pain. Over identifying with our success or failure, allowing the fragments of our identity to lay claim to the whole, and falling into the addictive loop of our mental and emotional preoccupations keep us stuck. This is what entrenches the illusions of our ego's mythologies." (1)

You are not your successes. You are not your failures. You are who you in are Jesus and you are truly a son/daughter in God.

None of us need live in our veils and mythologies. We have Jesus who is the way, the truth and the life. He is the entirety of our existence and the fullness of who we are and desire to be. In Jesus everyone belongs and in the Spirit of Sonship under His mentoring and the nurturing of our Father we grow into who we really are having cast aside every encumbrance of the father of lies.

(1) Heuertz, Christopher L.. The Sacred Enneagram: Finding Your Unique Path to Spiritual Growth (p. 18). Zondervan. Kindle Edition.