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The Son of God was always one with the Father. He was of one substance with God. When the Messiah came among us He remained one with His Father and lived from His Father – not from the law as some aberrant theologies would have it. Jesus Christ and His Father were one. By the One Spirit they were one - yet fully personal in the uniqueness of their own being. Jesus did what Jesus did because they were one. Not because He got words of knowledge, spoke in tongues or prayed a lot. He and Father were one and when Jesus did what He did he was being Himself as the expression of the Father. This is the meaning and the expression of ‘oneness.’


Oneness belongs not only to the mystics who were smart enough to cotton-on to their inheritance in Christ. ‘Oneness’ belongs to all because ‘oneness’ is what we have as a result of the incarnation: The foundation of Kingdom life. So what are we saying? We are saying that you have the same relationship with the trinity as Jesus has. We’re not God. But we are sons of God.


Life in the Spirit will never be life in old covenant separation - plus a bunch of gifts. In this mode the gifts cannot be sustained, relied on as truthful or as the Kingdom of God. Life in the Spirit is union with God, called oneness and is the effect of the incarnation.


Oneness is you incarnated with God. Frank Viola puts it well in His book Epic Jesus.

“How did Jesus of Nazareth live His peerless life? Well, we all know the answer. He went around Galilee wearing a WWFD bracelet asking, "What would the Father do in this situation?" What would the Father do in that situation?"

Is that what He did? No, He said... "What I hear my Father speak, that's what I speak." "What I hear my Father judge, that's what I judge." "It's not me doing the works, it's my Father within me." Jesus Christ, your Lord, lived by an INDWELLING FATHER.

Listen to his own words: "As the living Father has sent me and I live by the Father, so He who partakes of me shall live by me." He said "apart from my Father I can do nothing."

Then He turned around and said to you and me, "apart from me you can do nothing." The passage has moved. The Father's relationship to Jesus Christ is now Jesus Christ's relationship to you and me. Jesus is our indwelling Lord.

So it's not "what would Jesus do?" It's "watch what Jesus does. "It's "what is Jesus doing. .. through you and through me?”

A healed relationship with God means us possessing Jesus relationship with Father. It’s more than the forgiveness of sins and much more than any pygmy gospel based On the law with gifts added. It’s Christ your life – which means you possessing Christ’s life with Father and Holy Spirit. No need to earn it. It’s yours now.