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An acquaintance of mine is writing a book entitled, ‘Looking for Signs of Life in the Body of Death.’ It’s an account of the attempt to add Holy Spirit to Moses by bolting the anointing, like a turbo-charger to the old covenant, law- mindset.


The new covenant is what Christ accomplished by the cross. It’s how God has given us Himself in Jesus. It’s the theology of the Christian Church. Or at least that part of the church that is the Church Jesus is building.

One might hope that every pastor and every Believer would be expertly familiar with the new covenant and its radical difference to the old. Because it is THE ACCOMPLISHMENT of the cross and is the church built without human hands. Nevertheless, there is an amazing torpor and ignorance that is not bliss that stymies individual Believers and robs the church of spirit and life that reduces the Kingdom to moralism and makes the new testament a Jesus extension of the old.


Sure, there are signs of life about, mainly drops but seldom rivers. Rivers of life flow from our new covenant union with God. The new covenant means that Christ is our life in every way - in every way from gracing us with Christ’s union with Father, to the transformation of individual lives; in every way from the individual indwelling of the trinity in us (incarnation) to the expressi0n of God in daughters and sons as the church.
Galatians 2.20,21 is a neat expression of the new covenant transaction just as Colossians 3.4 is an expression of our new covenant present and future glory.


Some Christians are deeply embedded in the old covenant and law to this day, with negative results on the development of the spirit and soul. Others live in bits of the old and pieces of the new covenant - which is called ‘mixture.’ Mixture is not overtly evil although it is a successful ploy of the Enemy to dilute the intensity of our union with God. Iniquitous rather than immoral, mixture perpetuates
this body of death as a legitimate expression of Christian life.

Some Christians assert that the new covenant is not really different from the Old Covenant. Since ‘God never changes, they argue, all the requirements of the old are eternal. The New Covenant is just another way of expressing the old,’ they assert. ‘We still have to prove to God that we're loyal by keeping the commandments.’ Here is a non-gospel if ever there was one. It is a toxic and debilitating misunderstanding of what God achieved for us in Jesus. Toxic because it perpetuates the lie that deceived Adam into separation. Debilitating because it robs people of the spirit of sonship. A heresy because it implies we must add something to Christ.

Here’s the truth. ‘God’s command is to believe His Son. Jesus’ testimony is that He is our life.’


Not only is the deployment of the old covenant culture a contradiction to what God has done. It is un-biblical. It contradicts Galatians 2.21, thereby disqualifying Jesus as the source of our life. It leaves us in our heads and in our flesh and quite outside our life in the Spirit. The seriousness of this delusion is not only the deadening effect on our souls and spirit of this separation mindset (If we are still in the law we are not participants in the at-one-ment). It places us in agreement with the key deceit of the Enemy: The deceit that Christ has not come in the flesh implying that the law has - a doctrine of demons and a cunningly devised fable.


‘I say this because many deceivers, who do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh, have gone out into the world. Any such person is the deceiver and the antichrist’ 2 John 1.7 NIV.

Not only do we fellowship with the trinity. Christ lives in us. Our position in Christ has not been earned. It is the gift of God, entirely unearned and completely the result of grace. This is not an ‘Obey and live’ arrangement. It’s an I have drawn you into my life arrangement. Stephen Crosby explains it this way. “
There was a dipleuric covenant (two parties involved) but there was also monopleuric covenant (one party involved.) A monopleuric covenant is like a legal deposition or pledge that is unilateral, like a one-sided promise or grant.” (1) This is the covenant God has made with us - completely one sided and uni-lateral agreement. Whereas the old covenant was ‘Obey and live’ the new covenant is, ‘My Son has obeyed and you are alive in His life.’


Far from being eternal the first covenant was a temporary arrangement designed to lead to the coming of the fullness of Christ - fullness because we would be embodied with the persons of the trinity. As sons we would be the expression of their life. Thus the new covenant is not a re-working of what came before. It is a complete negation and substitution of all we had in Adam and Moses. Dr Stephen Crosby writes,

The KJV’s "Until the time of reformation" implies something current that is going to change. Peterson captures it well in The Message translation when he calls it a "temporary arrangement.  The old covenant was temporary by design. This is offensive to Jews, modern Jewish Restorationists, and Torah-observant Christians. They struggle with the notion of doing away with the old covenant if its statutes are God's eternal Word.” However God’s eternal word is Jesus and our life is His life in us. This ‘eternal word’ was put in place before creation. It was predestined to be realised in the son of God among us in human flesh and then by the multiplication of Jesus in all of us by the Spirit.


Crosby observes. “
Every apostle/ disciple understood the resurrection of Christ as the inaugural event of the new age, thereby signifying the end of the old age, and the completely logical presentation of the author of Hebrews! The time of "reformation" had come, therefore the old is over. The Greek for time of reformation is καιρο διορθώσεως (kairou diorthōseōs). Very literally, it means a special time of straightening out things that are crooked, things that are not conformed to standard. The author of Hebrews is making the case that the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead is cosmic orthodontics! The new covenant IS the straightening out of things that were crooked and the old is finished, over.”


This ‘straightening out’ is the un-doing of Adam, the undoing of the twists and turns of the knowledge of good and evil and it convoluted roots and branches. It’s the undoing of scrambled mindsets and occultic perversion of the gospel of the Kingdom. Leave the old covenant behind and say goodbye to witchcraft.

Old Covenant religion in the post cross age is the extensions of the fall beyond the time.

Christ is The Branch who is rooted in our Father and the Vine of which we are the branches. Who are joined in Jesus to the trinity and their fellowship. The difference in sonship between the new and old covenant mindset is that in the old it is notional while in the new it is ours in spirit and in truth.

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