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We may persuade ourselves that we can practice one or two iconic observances and think this is a relationship with God. Or think that because we wear our hijab or practice some iconic Christian observance, that we are holy. One can never be whole or holy in an version of the knowledge of good and evil – much less wise. It takes a life to do that – a life that is the person of God sharing God’s being with you. This is the incarnation.


The current populism that is counted as wisdom and the way forward grows from the rejection of Christ’s life as ours. It’s what happens when Barabbas is chosen in preference to Christ, or as Tolkien portrays, a refusal to throw the ring of self-effort and separation from God into Mt Doom. So as not to leave you in riddles we are talking a rejection of the cross and an ignorance of our inheritance of incarnation.


Barnaby Joyce is faintly right when he suggests the world should turn to God.* Turning to God is living out of Jesus Christ’s life. It’s not doing some version of Christianity. We have the incarnation as a gift. It’s not something we have to earn. Every human being already has access to oneness with God. It is what is. Just embrace it.

‘In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind’ John 1.4 NIV.


Growth into Godliness includes many deaths and rebirths. Resurrection is a life. Fullness of life starts with a relationship with God and never ends. It continues with Christ’s life becoming our life. The truth is we do not begin the new birth to grow into sonship until we repent of religion and embrace Christ as our life. This does not mean that Christ is not shepherding us. It means that He is intent on drawing us into the fullness of life that He enjoys with His Father and Holy Spirit.


Fullness in Christ grows from humility and teachability. It is impeded by dual loyalties and ‘other husbands.’ We should not delude ourselves that loyalty to our church and loyalty to Christ are the same thing. They are not. You have ‘one husband who is Christ.’ This is what it means to be among the pure in heart. They see God. The other are contained in their illusions. Because they choose to be. Two-husbandism is a marriage to poor spiritual discernment.


“When we ourselves are the standard of measurement placed before God—when we imagine that whatever we deem pure stands up to what God deems pure—we only deceive ourselves. God stands as this “great but” in stark contradiction against our attempt to know God apart from the grace of Jesus Christ, to approach God’s unapproachable light apart from God illuminating the darkness of our fallen mind.” (1)

This illumination lives in you when Christ lives in you. Christ lives in us when we say ‘Yes.’ An exit from religion takes time because we have been taught that religion is godliness – when it is only the container.

There is nothing luminous about a life lived in the law. Jesus did the cross and rose from the dead so that He can be your life by the Spirit. CHRIST COME IN THE FLESH undoes your life of flesh and self-flagellation or self-righteousness and binds you into the sonship of God. Here you have real freedom to be you – and real righteousness. Always forgiven and always becoming who you are in God as a human being and as a son.

* However we m ay view him, Mr Joyce is covered by the grace of God.

(1) Morrison, Stephen D.. Karl Barth in Plain English (Plain English Series Book 1) (p. 24). Beloved Publishing. Kindle Edition.