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The Church as the Bride of Christ is more than a pretty saying. In this new testament age God lives in us and we live in God. Here is a union that is comprehensive and far above the attempt to be one with God by means of special behaviours or by hoops mediated by religious institutions.

We are in God independently of our performance and with Him because we are. Not because of where we are. And not because we are a regular church attender. But because God has placed you in Himself through Jesus. This is the truth.

You fellowship with the trinity. Just as Jesus has companionship with Father and the Spirit so do you. Just as God is I AM so you are – one with God and certain of your belonging and your identity.


Church has a meaning. But not always the meaning it is given in common parlance. Whether it means much depends on the relationship with God of those who go there.

‘On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20.

This is an all of life relationship, entirely un-religious yet the spirit and truth of Godliness. Those in such a relationship are His church before they enter a building. When these people coalesce, they are a spirit and life force to be reckoned with. THE ARE AGENTS OF THE NEW CREATION


God is with you and in you and you have been drawn into Him where you belong. This is your inheritance as a son. Whether you accept this and embrace its reality is up to you. But not to do it is to bury your talents in the ground and leave your treasure partly unearthed in the field.

Could it be that the parable of the talents is not about ability – but about the power of investments made in the pure gospel of the Kingdom as compared to the degraded accounts that are ‘other gospels?’ Could it be that our fruitfulness and authority is about our alignment with His Gospel and our divestment of other gospels?

Jesus lived totally in His Father. Our inheritance is total immersion, total belonging and total life in Jesus. Yet religion consists of various degrees of dilution and distortion of this inheritance – in the name of God.


You have the fullness of Jesus in a jar of clay. Engaged in this Jesus Life you can be tutored and mentored by Jesus continually. Everything that happens can be a Kingdom learning experience wherein you receive truth about Father, the Kingdom and yourself. Every person, every experience can be made by Holy Spirit to fill some part in the overall revelation of Jesus to you and you to yourself.

Joe McIntyre writes,
“Because Father has created this desire within us, [to be one with God] it is His delight to fulfil it. As was mentioned, He has given us the Holy Spirit to show us the things He freely gives. (1 Corinthians 2:12) As we acknowledge His indwelling presence, He unfolds the Scriptures to us and we see Christ in His fullness. As we meditate on these Truths they unfold within our hearts and we are gripped by the Realities of God’s grace. His goodness claims our heart’s loyalty and we cannot help but deepen our surrender to Him.” (1)

There are two kinds of teachers. Those who teach from religion and those who teach from revelation. With Christ as your life, your entire life will be in revelation. You will intuit things about God not only because you read your Bible. But because you and our Father are one. You will see into reality. You will see by the Spirit in light and you will speak words and do actions of spirit and life. This is what it means to be a life-giving spirit because Christ has come in your flesh.

(1) McIntyre, Joe. Throne Life: Sharing Christ's Throne (Kindle Locations 507-511). Empowering Grace Ministries. Kindle Edition.