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Francois Du Toit writes, “In a world where multitudes feel unwanted, unloved and unimportant, the gospel introduces us to the heartbeat of creation; the fact that you are what intrigues and inspires the Father Son and Spirit with delight. You began in their most intimate thought! Awaken to the awareness of your irreplaceable value!”


As Christians we can represent a gospel that cauterises our access to unlimited life. The illusion of a law corrupted mindset is that it lies to us. It tells us we are alive when we are dulled. And lies to us that we belong and are accepted on condition. And intimates that we are separated from God when we are in fact one with God in Jesus Christ.

We can live an institutionalised religious life that is pedestrian compared to what is ours in our inheritance as sons and daughters of God. We can actually live as sons rather than workers, slaves and neuters. We can do this because we are the sons of God. And not just persons but as people who are brimming with spirit and life.

Believe in His belief in you.

The presence of God is always with us and in us - in the Believer and non-Believer. We fellowship with this Presence by believing – by treating what is real as real. Particularly so by believing the truth and becoming sensitive to His presence and his voice.

‘God did this so that they would seek him and perhaps reach out for him and find him, though he is not far from any one of us’ Acts 17.27 NIV.


Not far from any of us because none are orphans. The Spirit of Jesus is in us and with us. Since the cross and Pentecost, God incarnates Himself in all who respond to His invitation to possess life in His Son. God is near and in everyone as a generality. God is woven into you in agency and intensity when Christ is your life.


Healing and raising of the dead, does occur today. But God lives in us not just so we can do miracles and signs. But because we are family and He enjoys the company of His daughters and sons. He is not in us in a religious sense. He is in us in a ‘life sense.’ God loves life because He is life. Jesus heals and glorifies our life on earth because the trinity in us fills our life on earth with the life of heaven. This is the transforming spirit of the new creation.

God is reflected not only in the sight of a majestic mountain range. He is just as much incarnated in the riotous joy of a party.


There is no division between religious and non-religious in the new testament era. No secular and sacred. No time that is holier than any other. And no place that is more anointed than Christ in you. You are incarnated with God and as such are an agent of new creation life. Rather than obsessing about overcoming separation with God, live from the union with God that is your inheritance.


In Jesus God has made all things one. Look at it this way. We might say “Maybe at night we’ll cross over from our regular real life down here and cross up into some period of prayer or studying the Bible. Then we go back down into our regular stuff and go out and see the family. But really, we’re talking about a holistic, practical, integrated [life], there’s only one life, and that life is in Christ because Christ is in us. There’s no other way to be, except in Christ, since Christ took humanity into himself as one of us. All of living is in the presence of Christ. All of it is above the line, as it were. There’s no such thing as below the line anymore, and that means that there is meaning and value in every activity we engage in.” (1)


There is no sacred and secular. By living in you God has given you a sacred life.

Jesus has drawn and is drawing all things into Himself. We are not drawn into definitions and doctrines. We are drawn into fellowship with God which is our belonging in the trinity.


If you are a doctor you are still a person who needs to be whole in your body and soul. A doctor is not healthy just because she has the title ‘doctor.’ The same is so if we are ministers of God’s life. It is our already achieved union with God that positions us in the healing fellowship of the trinity to absorb this life and healing. This is this same fellowship that nurtures us in the spirit of sonship and the peace of a healed and heathy relational life. Health in our person, marriage and family is imparted to us from our belonging in the trinity.


People say they sense The Presence come. They do. We might call this the manifest presence. However, the presence is in all who Believe. Always. And always present. You don’t have to receive a buzz from Him for God to be to be present. He is always present. Not just for signs and wonders. But for His purpose of living in us and drawing us into the fellowship of Himself.

Garry Deddo observes that “Our assumptions about ‘being’ or reality are so fundamental that how we conceptualize what things really are necessarily colours all our thinking, including our theology.”* This is particularly so when we choose something like the law as the issue of life and the frame of all theology. But it is not. The issue is the Fatherhood of God, the sonship of humanity and the belonging of all who believe in the oneness of God.


God is incarnated in you for your spirit and life. This is the reality of the new testament age. Christ in you. When we live in our new covenant union with God; when we believe this in our minds and reject the heresy of separationist assumptions, we are positioned in the same place that Jesus was in relation to His Father. We and Father are one. This is for all. Not for some spiritual elite. This union is for our healing and our mentoring into the increasing glory of the sons and daughters of God.

* The law turns what could have been sons into workers – sons of the slave woman and reduces a life in God to sin management and a valley of dead bones.

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