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The glory of Christ’s gospel is that in Him we can enter our glory. Our glory is that we can share in the life of Jesus and our Father. This glory is also communal. In Jesus we can share in the relationship of the trinity, in their joy and amity; in their unanimity and difference and the quality of their relationship becomes ours in ourselves and as the church. This is why we need to live in His Gospel, His definition of Himself and in His version of who each of us are.

The wound we carry if we define ourselves in any lesser lens than Jesus - like the law or religion - is that ‘it is not ok to be ourselves’. Religion not only does not unite us with God. It separates us from God and separates us from us.


Attached to the umbilicus of the law we have no choice but to make a false self. Sadly, some come to the end of their lives in the body having never lived as their true self. They have been baptised in religion and as result have never been born again in any real sense. It’s a tragedy when sincere people do their best to mend a broken gospel. But they cannot when it is a lie. These people get to be with God in heaven but in the body they never got to see the Kingdom of God.

We can, if we choose, be inert to cause and effect like head -in -the sand-politicians We can ignore facts because it suits us and our supporters. But in doing so we become ministers of anaemic life, of droplets rather than rivers and sand rather than spirit and life.


With Christ as our life - the Christ of God - it’s ok to be who we are, even in our sins. Our entirety is covered in Jesus and we belong in the trinity no matter what. This is grace. Not the half-grace so well accepted in religion or the half- gospel made in the image of a false christ constructed in the lens of the law. Living in Jesus’ understanding of Himself gives us the ability to relate to Him, to our Father and ourselves on a sound foundation.


The dualism of the knowledge of good and evil is no more. Adamic separation has been undone. Don’t settle for the kind of religion that is the fall re-visited. You are living in Christ’s resurrection in every possible way. Realize that ‘I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20. Because of Jesus you and Father are one.

You are not in separation from Jesus. No human is, since the cross. The gospel is not that we must receive Jesus into our lives. The real gospel is that we have been received into His life. Our task is to receive Father’s Christ, Jesus’ gospel and the us that we are in this new covenant union with God. In the presence of Father you cansnot help being and becoming a son.

This post has been made from insights gained from J Baxter Kruger’s book, Patmos.