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There is nothing additional to God that is not revealed in the person and life of Jesus Christ. The witness of Jesus is exhaustive and complete in Himself. He is not the exemplification of some entity beyond Himself such as the law – but He is the Son of God as a member of the trinity and a human being as the Son of Man. Not only is the fullness of the Godhead bodily Jesus Christ. He does not connote and point to some abstraction like the law that is less than Himself. Jesus is the I AM of Himself and the I am of us.

To agree with Jesus that He is our life is to accept our belonging in the Family that is God and in doing so to acknowledge that having been made one with God in this way we have become part of that communion that Paul calls the law of the spirit of life. Thus, we are holy because He is holy.

Thomas Torrance writes, “
When Jesus Christ reveals God the Father to us in and through himself as the only-begotten Son, he gives us access to knowledge of God as he really is in his divine nature: what God is toward us in the revealing and saving acts of Jesus Christ he is in eternally and immanently in himself, and what God is in himself eternally and immanently as Father and Son he actually is toward us in the revealing and saving acts of Jesus Christ.” (1)

There is no legitimate reference point outside Christ, which is why ‘Christ is all and in all’. Thus, a Christ who defers to the law is not the Christ of God and is most certainly the kind of false christ we are warned off with the words,
‘False messiahs and false prophets will appear and perform signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect’ Mark 13.32 NIV.


There is no external referent to the active grace of God other than the nature of God Himself.

The lie that precipitated the fall is that Father cannot be trusted. But Jesus, the cross and the incarnation demonstrate that “
The ultimate reason of God's act of atonement, like the ultimate reason of his love, is none other than God himself. The atonement is not to be explained or understood simply on the ground of the historical event of the crucifixion of Jesus, as some external transaction enacted by Jesus between God and man describable in moral or legal terms, but as taking place ultimately within the incarnate mystery of the union of divine and human nature in Jesus Christ the Mediator between God and man” (2).

You are made one with Christ in the same kind of oneness that is the God who is the trinity. In Christ you are incorporated into God.

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