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Idols can be brazen or subtle - as brazen as materialism or as subtle as our church and denominational beliefs. David as a forerunner of the Christ, with his iconoclastic ways caused upset in the religious establishment. Jesus caused theological havoc among His contemporaries. He was not only subversive of the status quo. His ministry and cross would declare the old order void and He personally would become the new and living way for the regeneration of persons and the earth.


If we think that the new testament (new covenant) is a modification of the old, we have not understood what God accomplished in Jesus. Jesus came to undo Adam and the un-life that flowed from him and re-commence creation out of His life flowing into all creation in the Spirit. This is the message of the first five verses of John. The new covenant is the trinity multiplied in people. Joined to infinite life we will regenerate the earth. It’s called the new creation.

The new creation is based on union with and communion with God. The life of God is within our being and the knowledge of God pervades our spirit and soul. Thus we spread God’s life because we are His life and because we know who God is.

We know God, “
Through receiving the Spirit of God who is sent to us from God. By dwelling in God the Spirit knows what God is within the immanent depths of his divine being, and by dwelling in us he reveals to us hidden depths in God which could not otherwise be known or conceived by any human being. Thus, it is through the communion of the Holy Spirit who is God and dwells in God, that we may share in the inner communion between the Father and the Son, and participate in their knowing of one another.” This is where insight comes from to separate false christs and false gospels from the Gospel of Jesus and the apostles.” (1)


Jesus is the definitive statement of who Father is and who you are and who all of us can become. But the living way is Jesus first, middle and last. Never His stuff because it is always Him and never
the ‘dung.’ Jesus indicated that although His was the sacrifice our enjoyment of the results has a cost - the cost of laying down all of self and dying more than once - so that we can have ever more of the elixir of His life.


The new birth is a new life of dying to our Adam and living increasingly in the fullness of Christ 0ur life.

‘Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword’ Matt 10.34 NIV.

Jesus has always been the Troubler of Religion because He is the Un-doer of Adam and all Adam began. We must join Him in this project if we are to embrace life to the full. It will involve giving up slabs of Adam, slivers of Moses and splinters of us. But as we do so we will make room for who we really are in Jesus Christ.


David Fredrickson writes, “
What if much you hold sacred in your understanding of the Bible was turned upside down? Crosby shows how Jesus’ claims were “challenging and deconstructing to current beliefs about Torah, the temple, and the priesthood.” He reveals how the New Covenant is all about the supremacy of Jesus whose authority presides even over the Old Testament Scriptures. How “New “ is the New Covenant? paints a vivid picture of what the statement “Jesus is Lord” meant to the ruling Caesars of the day and the radical implications for all who would follow Christ. The Lordship of Jesus is a doctrine universally accepted by most Christians, yet is fully understood by few and lived out in daily life by fewer still. The same message that challenged the religion of Jesus’ day is as timely in this hour as it was then.” (2)


We can live in the fiction that Jesus is here to maintain our little identity - an identity that is actually our idol and which dulls His presence in us even as we pursue the fiction of loyalty to His name. What Jesus wants is you. All of you. He wants you so that you can have the real identity that is found exclusively in Him. The pure in heart will see God. Those of divided heart will neither see God as He is or see themselves as they could have been.

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