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This essay may be considered a reflection on the similarities between secular humanist culture and christian fundamentalist virtue signalling. Both are born of the tree of knowledge and both reflect the attitudes of the old Adam and little of the Living Christ.


The beauty of Christ our life is that He identifies with sinners while being the one who imbues us with His grace and love to overcome sin and death. All that is wonderfully human is contained in the Christ of God. The mystery is that He lives in us so that we will become as He is – not divinities but sons and daughters of God.


In the Christ life we need not rail about being judged because we are fallible, nor need we judge others in order to get an edge over those we deem less politically correct than ourselves. If we know we are graced ourselves or not on a performance gig, we can be kind to ourselves and understanding of others while acknowledging that there is a basic weakness at the heart of human nature. It’s called separation from God and it results in the many constructions of the knowledge of good and evil.

Our living from the knowledge of good and evil killed Christ and it will eventually kill you. Or not. Paradoxically Jesus was killed on the tree of knowledge of good and evil. But He turned the cross into a tree of life. Because of the cross you are made one with God and the entire human races stands under the offer of eternal life.


Christ is our life because real life - which is His life as us - is better than religion. These posts are written for the religious – not for non-believers. They are written that those who are dormant in religion may enjoy the spirit and life of Christ our life.

What the author’s relation to God is I do not know but over the years I have noticed his penetrating insight and grace; his acknowledgement of human fallibility and His pointing in the direction of the light. This kind of mellow understanding comes from Father whether we know Him as a person or not. All of us originated from the womb of the trinity and all of us have the opportunity to be who we really are as mothers, fathers and sons to grow in becoming the glory of ourselves. While life is Christ there are many who will not know His name until introduced to Him in the Next Life.

Fortunately we are graced with Christ in this life. Richard Rohr likes to talk of the First Part of Life, preparing us for the Second Part of life. This is our life as people reborn out of religion into union with God. Cosmically speaking I belief our life in the present might also be seen as the First Part and our life with Christ in the future as the Second Part of life.


To decide for the law or some similar agenda over Christ our life is to choose retardation over unlimited sonship. * To be loyal to your denomination over loyalty to Jesus is a grave error that will rob you of your inheritance of spirit and life in Christ.

It takes a person to represent Father and a person to represent our real selves. We have this in Jesus and we have the Holy Family dwelling in us in the persons of the trinity. Father is not male and the trinity is not a hierarchy as much as the misogynist Christian would argue. God is beyond gender, yet the trinity is the archetype of marriage and family. This is why Christ is our life and the law is not.

Gifts of the Spirit are great and can act as an advertisement for the Christ of God. But the anointing and the gifts are not salvation, nor are they the foundation of our post cross Kingdom Life.

Your reconciliation with God is this foundation. You union with God in Christ is the essence of your life. As Jeff McSwain observes, “To hold out the Spirit as a second blessing or additional work of grace is to divorce Spirit from Son, as if the Holy Spirit’s role is to finish a work Christ has not finished.”

Christ’s work is finished and your Adam is finished and Christ becomes your life as soon as you begin to live in Christ instead of the religion of Christ. Your communion with the trinity who now lives in you is the prize of the cross and the atonement. Life in the spirit is this life. But the gifts of the Spirit are not Christ our life. The proper exercise of the gifts comes when we are rooted in the trinity as sons in spirit and in truth.


Materialism, tech, cool cars and houses are by no means the only idols that suck life from us and deprive it from others. Christianity as religion robs us of life. Christianity is not a religion. Firstly it is the person of Christ and secondly it is our communion with the trinity. Thirdly it is the manifestation of God in the sons of God. That’s us.

Versions of Christianity can be just idolatrous when they glue us to gospels that are ‘no gospel at all’ and have us spreading a message that cripples the soul and the spirit in the name of God.

There’s a pseudo kingdom of God and a genuine manifestation of the reality that is Christ. This is Jesus as us: Oneness. The latter is simply you and us as a manifestation of Christ. The former is you as a caricature of the law. Jesus called this a paddock of tares.

* Every reference to Christ’s commands in the new testament refers not the Ten Commandments as a law lens would have it but to the commands of Jesus to obey Him by receiving His life as their life.