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To grow in Christ is to grow in the truth of who God is, what He has done for us and who we are by origin and redemption. This is because in Christ the veils of misunderstanding are removed. The father of lies has his own creation. This is a culture, a system of belief called the knowledge of good and evil. But God has rescued us from this culture of sin and death under the authority of the Imposter and drawn us into His Kingdom of Light. This kingdom is not a single flash of insight, even if it may begin as such. It is an adventure of continual revelation, just as the new birth is the beginning of our growing and maturing into ever more full realisations of ourselves as the sons and daughters of God.


We have the potential to grow from glory to glory. Or not. By obsessively circling the mulberry bush of culturally inherited preconceptions, we can live in stagnation. In one scenario we apprehend truth and our nature expands in the ability to perceive and absorb even more truth. In the other we pace the perimeter of our cage of fables ever on the lookout to acquire some trinket to add an element of power to our self-imposed containment. We remain here because we are afraid of losing ourselves. But to find freedom and enter genuine sonship we must lose all to gain Jesus - which is to gain ourselves and enter a realm of infinite light.


To follow truth is to follow Jesus. By following Him without condition we grow in the ability to perceive truth. To deny truth, even in small segments, is to run the risk of increasing spiritual blindness. How unfortunate to get to heaven and find that we had lived our lives as a flea when we could have been a human being in the fullness of sonship.

I have seen people foster an immunity to truth. They sub-consciously utilize fictions to fend off inconvenient truths. The result is that they stall in torpor and increase in futility becoming living representatives of, ‘Whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them’ Matt 13. 12 NIV.


Growing into our glory is synonymous with growing into all truth. This always entails laying down at the cross ideas that are either myths or straight out lies about God and about ourselves. We can cling to them because we think they give us an identity and because we think we might lose ourselves if we bring our framework to the cross and yield it up. But this itself is a lie. Our yielding is the door to our entering the Kingdom; the kingdom of God and the realisation of us as His kings and priests.


Baxter Kruger observes, “The disciples of Jesus learned by bitter experience that human beings have a way of imposing their own ideas upon God. And they learned that in doing so, we not only create a god of our own imaginations, we also miss the real God and thus the joy of His presence and activity and blessing. It is not surprising therefore that the New Testament is filled with the constant command to repentance. For all of us bring considerable "mental baggage" into our relationship with God, with one another and with the whole creation.” (1)

We are in faint need of sacraments in this age, if at all. In the new testament the sacrament is you. If the Lord’s Table is only a sacrament it has missed its purpose. This is the purpose: Because you have eaten Jesus and received Him into your being you have become the manifestation of His person. The bread and the wine are signs of this current reality. Not an occasion for wringing our hands about the cross. The eating of the bread and drinking of the wine are symbols of the fact that we believe that Jesus has become us. He has come in our flesh. The words ‘body of Christ’ are not a religious utterance. They are a statement of incarnation.

A most paralysing idea that has become a culture is the notion that Jesus bequeathed us a religion called Christianity to tend and to propagate. Not at all. Jesus gave us union with God. He has given us His Spirit so that we have become the manifestation of Himself, personally and as the community of the saints.


Francois Du Toit writes, ‘The mystery that was hidden for ages and generations is now revealed! It is Christ in you! He is not hiding in history or in the future, or in outer space

He is "I am" in you!’ God is no more in you on Saturday or Sunday than He is any day. He lives in you and you are His expression. It’s called being sons and daughters.

You are the home, habitation and dwelling of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Because you believe Jesus and obey His teaching they make their home in you. Jesus has given us Himself along with Father, Holy Spirit in the incarnation. We are indwelt by God. We are one with God. We have the intimacy with each member of the trinity that they have with each other. This fact. This union and fellowship is the same power that is the trinity and the hub of the universe. This is the inheritance of spirit and life that is in us and there to flow out and change culture into the Kingdom of Heaven. This is the power of the new creation.

(1) Kruger, C. Baxter. Jesus and the Undoing of Adam (Kindle Locations 100-104). Perichoresis Press. Kindle Edition.