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The incarnation is the foundation of the new creation. Years ago when I first started to learn about the Holy Spirit, I read that many Godly folks wondered why Revivals accompanied by manifestations and miracles seemed to have little lasting effect. I now suspect that the reason is that they had no root. The root of all we do, our life in God and spiritual gifts is the incarnation. This is our new covenant life in union with God. By intentionally living incarnated, we are rooted in very God of very God.


Needless to say we become alive with God’s life because we are one with God in being – not just by definition. Religion of the letter is a furphy and leads nowhere. Neither do the gifts and the signs multiply life unless that are part of the Greater Healing that is our reconciled union with God.

Union with God is real spirit and life and is everything. We may not be living in oneness with God just because we have found a ‘proof text’ about the ‘one loaf.’ We are one with God when we have abandoned our mindset of separation and are living in our inheritance of oneness with God.


Holy Spirit empowers us with the gifts and the fruits, but the main source of fruitfulness and Godliness is the incarnation. The vine and the branches are rooted in the trinity. This is the soil of our life in God, of the gifts and the ground of the anointing. Holy Spirit will meet us where we are and then minister to what is her priority – the efficacy of Christ and the union with God that Christ has achieved for us.


If it is wrong to murder people it is more wrong to kill the earth. Healings and miracles are signs of the greater healing; signs that God has come to live in men and women. To think God is only concerned with limbs and eyes is to sell Him short. Any gospel that is not concerned with the healing of the earth and of society is a puny gospel and in need of repentance. We are not at liberty to rape the earth because we are a Christian. We have no licence to despoil the earth because we think we will be raptured off anyway. The gospel of Christ is not about selfishness and entitlement.*

Fullness as a son/daughter includes being a Sustainer and healer of the earth.


Heaven comes to earth primarily through you – because the trinity is in you and you as a son/daughter are the manifestation of God and the life of heaven where you are.

While manifestations of the Spirit are exciting, the main manifestation of the Spirit is you and all Believers. You are the expression of the Christ. Due to the incarnation – Christ come in you and in us - the world becomes the new creation, the arena where God is imparted to all life through His sons living in oneness with Him.


Nhat Hanh, a Buddhist teacher writes, “People usually consider walking on water or in thin air a miracle. But I think the real miracle is not to walk either on water or in thin air, but to walk on earth. Every day we are engaged in a miracle which we don't even recognize: a blue sky, white clouds, green leaves, the black, curious eyes of a child -- our own two eyes. All is a miracle.”

All is holy because you are holy. The command ‘Be Holy because God is holy is met in Jesus Christ. Christ is in you and by the incarnation has become you and is becoming you.


The miracle of imbuing the creation with the life of God, of making all of life the arena of God’s grace is made real in the incarnation. This is Christ come in our flesh. When we live our lives as the sacrament acted out simply by being one with God in the world, we impart His nature to our marriages and our environment. This is incarnation. This is Christ in you. This is oneness with God. This is the advancing new creation happening through you. This is the real heaven invading earth.

* There are other selfish and stupid reasons used to justify the of the rape of the earth. No doubt Christians who sexually abuse children resort to equally whacky theologies.