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Jesus presented Himself as Life and invited us to enter His Family of Life itself. Should we live from the law and religion and a moral/conformist agenda, we will be living from ‘sin consciousness.’ This is like living from a disease instead of living from the best of health. It’s the miser equivalent of living from a scarcity mentality. You may observe this at times in people who have a more than adequate income. Yet they imagine they are poor because they may have been in their childhood or because their mothers insisted that they were poor when they were children - even if they were not.


Sin consciousness is derived from a knowledge of good and evil mentality and the law. Sin consciousness presents a negative view of life and is a gross distortion of the inheritance Jesus has given us in Himself. He has given us life in His Person. Life in His person means that we are enfolded in the infinite, eternal life that is God’s life.

At best, a law -oriented experience affords a threadbare holiness. At worst it is a scarcity mentality that forces us to compare ourselves with ourselves and with others while robbing us of joy.


Law-people are notoriously critical and hypocritical on account of the fact that all living in the knowledge of good and evil is fundamentally contradictory and trivial. Sin consciousness robs us of humanity and quenches the spirit of sonship. The opposite to life in the Spirit it is non-life in the flesh.


Francois Du Toit writes, “In Jesus Christ, God.. brings final closure to a dead and redundant system! In Psalm 40:6,7, it is clearly stated that God does not require sacrifices or offerings! Jesus is the Lamb of God! He collides victoriously with the futile sacrificial system whereby offerings are constantly made to the pseudo, moody, monster gods of our imagination! This is the scandal of the cross! God does not demand a sacrifice that would change the way he thinks about mankind; he provides the sacrifice of himself in Christ in order to forever eradicate sin-consciousness from our minds and radically change the way we think about our Maker, one another and ourselves! [Sin-consciousness is in essence a works-based consciousness.]” (1)

We can subsist in a works-based consciousness if we think it gives us an identity and a sense of status – but the status that is not ours is sons of God in spirit and in truth. Sons of God, notionally and members of the Body theoretically but membership without substance.

(1) Du Toit, Francois. Divine Embrace (pp. 4-5). Mirror Word Publishing. Kindle Edition.