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“The ultimate test of a moral society is the kind of world that it leaves to its children.”

― Dietrich Bonhoeffer

The pure in heart are blessed. They are blessed, favoured and nourished because they have one aim; one undiluted agenda. They are stuck on God and His Living Way, Jesus Christ. ‘Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God’ Matt 5.8 NIV.


The pure in heart are fixated on God and their obsession is Jesus. They desire to know Him as He is and live in the fullness of what Jesus, Father and Holy Spirit have accomplished for them. No dual loyalties for them; no other lover. There is no dilution in their spirit, no pollution of their commitment to Christ and Christ alone. Because of this is there is sharp discernment and no confusion. They do not live to bend Christ to their doctrine or make Him a convert to their church. They do not live for their personal assumptions and Christ. Christ is their life.

An attempt to assimilate Jesus and the gospel to me and my beliefs is just as much weeds and rocks in the garden as is persistence in immorality and sins of the flesh. There is a deep soil that is Christ in you and Christ as you. You are one with this life if you believe you are. But separated from it in your mind if you have two masters.

Don’t spend your life going in to bat for a gospel that is no gospel at all. The pure in heart will see God and know the Christ. He will come in their flesh and their spirit will go free.