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Joe said to Jesus, ‘Why if I have come into the Spirit and have the anointing am I still a eunuch? Jesus answered and said, ‘In Adam all die. In Me you are made alive in the fullest sense.’

We can live from a belief system if we choose. But we should know that it is a version of living from the law. We need to doubly know that living from the letter produces non-life – a form of godliness produced by the letter that kills. Such religion is the opiate of the people.

The letter undoes life, it prevents your real self-emerging. It retains you in your false self and it prevents you being a fountain of spirit and life. Worse still it immunises you against the recognition of those who do irrigate their surroundings with spirit and life.

Grounded in the law, our poor spiritual discernment will always propel us to attribute the un-filtered presence of Christ as someone’s life, as the effect of religion. Law people cannot join the dots.


Anyone can produce a piece of the knowledge of good and evil to fill an opportunity at church or at a conference. It comes naturally to the old covenant Believer and many do it as if it is life-giving. They have a ministry but it’s a ministry of drops rather than rivers of spirit and life.

We can live from the false self all our lives and not know it. It’s the effect of living from ‘another gospel’ and the result of having more than one husband. The pure in heart, those who are not double minded, will see God, know God, walk in His revelation and rest in His spirit and life. The others will see what they want to see and become dormant. Dormant because they have immunised themselves against spirit and life. Is dormancy mentioned by Jesus. Most certainly. This is the meaning of the parable of the virgins. Those who missed the wedding missed the achievement of the cross – new live in union with God. We mean incarnation and one with Jesus as the Bride of Christ.


There’s a blindness that is natural to us even if mitigated by the occasional download. It’s the lack of sharpness that affects us when we are more wedded to our word and our ‘fountain’ of truth that we are to the Gospel of Jesus and the apostles. Our blindness is the more impervious because we imagine that we have this gospel when the fact is that we have our own gospel and have dedicated our lives to promoting it. This obsession immunises us to the grace of CHRIST’S EYES AS OUR EYES and His word as the two-edged sword that cuts through illusion and self-deception.

“Torrance emphasized that “the gospel of unconditional grace is very difficult for us, for it is so costly. It takes away from under our feet the very ground on which we want to stand, and the free will which we as human beings cherish so dearly becomes exposed as a subtle form of self-will” (1) I have known people who find it very difficult to embrace Romans 8 and life in the Spirit because it implies that there is nothing we can do to vindicate ourselves. As a result they spend their lives outside the gift of Sabbath rest that Christ has given them.


Torrance is referring to our need to acquire identity and status from achieved entitlement and from communities of belief rather than an unconditional marriage to our one husband. In repenting of the free will we think we have in formulating our own gospel that is actually ‘another gospel’ and accepting that we are bound to Christ as His trophies we are among those whom Christ has set free to live in grace and increasing glory as sons/daughters of God.

(1) Paul D. Molnar, Thomas F. Torrance: 5