His Kingdom in you and the world

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Avoid effete parodies of life in Christ. Paul’s words, ‘Christ our life are a universal affirmation of the all-sufficiency of Jesus vicarious humanity for us and a denial of all kinds of legalism, brazen and subtle.

Human beings were created to fellowship with God and enjoy the life that God enjoys as the trinity. Because Christ is the logos of the universe and the universe finds its meaning and purpose in God, we find our meaning and purpose in relationship with God. We know God, experience God and know ourselves as we are meant to be in oneness with God.


Godliness and holy humanity is not about ‘doing’ but primarily about being. It is the fissure between God’s being and our being that is the fall. It is our union with God at the hand of Jesus and His life expressed in us that is the Resurrection in its universal sense. Fruits of the Spirit are not a version of works. They are Christ expressed as you and I.

The purpose of you and I is to live in sonship. Sonship in spirit and in truth arises from the at-one-ment of God and man made actual by the cross and the Spirit. It is as a result of this oneness with God in spirit and in truth that we multiply God’s nature and God’s purpose in the world. Christ our life is the engine of the new creation.

Without a lived incarnation there will be no new creation.


Our life is not only about us. We would do better to look for a church that meets Christ’s needs than one that meets our needs. Self-satisfaction is ours as sons of God doing the work Christ set for us to do. Not enlisting Him as a lacky to our agenda. Don’t expect that to see our faith community take on the authority and life of the Kingdom of God by trying to add the Spirit and the gifts onto a gospel that is not His Gospel.

We find genuine satisfactions as daughters and sons as we live in the Spirit of Sonship as an extension of our Father. This is how we do what God is doing because we are a manifestation of Him as sons.

“Because humanity exists on the boundary of two worlds humanity alone is ‘the one constituent of the universe through whom the creation discloses its astonishing order and harmony and comes to expression in such a way as to prize and glorify God the Father Almighty, Creator of all things visible and invisible’. One with God we are the agents of the new creation.

Jesus engaged in healing and signs. They were advertisements that He would heal our relationship with ourselves and with God. A person with a healed leg who still lives in the old covenant is not healed in any deep sense. A person with a healed ear who strives to earn acceptance with Christ when acceptance is theirs already is not healed in her being. A gospel of anointing, healings and gimmicks is not the Kingdom Jesus began. He initiated the Kingdom of oneness with God by the spirit of adoption. Spiritual gifts are a function of the greater healing which is incarnation.

Myk Habets observes that “Torrance develops his doctrine of humanity through the interconnection between the knowledge of God and the knowledge of self (Calvin), which constitutes the very life of humanity. Human persons are created to know God – that is their chief end (telos) and so one is not truly a person unless one knows God.” God is known in union with God. Christ is the light of God and the light of the world and the light of you. By knowing even as we are known, we are both person and sons in a way that we are not in the externalities of the law and the culture of the knowledge of good and evil.

This means that the God we know needs to be the God who is. God is not some apparition of the law. Neither is God a Father Christmas of the prosperity gospel. God is Jesus Christ and Jesus manifest in you to be the expression of His life and the true expression of yours and ours.