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Paul asserted that the Kingdom of God is not yes and no. It’s yes and yes. The Kingdom of God is union with God. Jesus has authority that was real and different to the scribes because He and His Father were one. You can have authority that is real, not notional but with ‘agency’ because you and our Father are one. Oneness comes from the completed at-one-ment and the mediation of Christ.


Many Believers think that a non-moralistic, non-legalistic, not jumping through hoops gospel is not the gospel of Christ because it is not the gospel in which they have been socialised. I have met reasonably well off families, middle class people who think they are poor because they were raised in poor families. In their present life they are still convinced that they are poor and they live like misers when they have more than enough. It’s called a poverty mentality.


There is a brand of Christianity like that. It crosses all denominations. You can see the look of suspicion in their eyes when you tell them that the common moralism often purveyed by high profile pastors is not the gospel of Christ. His Gospel is that He is our life and that we belong. The issue of first instance is that atonement has been made and that we have been made one with God.


A sense of entitlement and warped doctrine makes some reject this. You can see it in their eyes. Not only are they content to live in the misery of their unfulfilled lives. They are content to live in the illusion that they are fulfilled and holy. They are suspicious of intimations of an extravagant life in Christ.

Some are stuck in their law-based dogma because, to them, rules have the appearance of substance. But in regard to Godliness the precepts are a vapour and leave the law addict with no choice but to define holiness so tritely that thei precepts can be easily kept. Such revised and desiccated ‘righteousness’ becomes their form of self-made grace.


Jeff Turner writing of this phenomenon observes that earlier in His Christian life, “I would have told you that [the] author [of such ideas] presented God as being far too loving, kind, patient, compassionate, and merciful, and that he makes Him look far too much like Jesus than the angry, OCD rule-master whom I bowed to. I would have suggested that this “Jeff Turner character”, whoever he was, obviously had some secret sin issues he was seeking to find an excuse for indulging in, or that perhaps he was simply seeking popularity by adding artificial sweetener to the message of the Gospel. I’d have no doubt counted him among what I perceived as being an emerging group of heretics.”


There is a war being waged against fullness in Christ. It’s source is the pit and its disciples are the religious. The self-entitled and ‘ungraced’ are anti-grace and anti-life. The murder of the Lord of Life on the cross is the ultimate extension of anti-life attitudes that have infected all who live their lives in Adam instead of embracing Christ as their life. This is the motivation behind the denial of climate change and the killing of the earth for the sake of self-interest. It’s a deep-seated anti-life attitude that called iniquity. It’s an iniquity because it's an inclination towards death.