His Kingdom in you and the world

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God’s aim in Jesus is to draw you into His new creation by re-creating you in the person of Christ to be an expression of Jesus rather than an expression of Adam. This is the Living Way in which you become the Real You.


What the law and formulae of good and evil can never do, God does in you through the person of Jesus expressed as you. It is through you and through us as new creation people that God creates a new world after the image of heaven.

“God’s ultimate telos for creation from the beginning is revealed and actualised in the incarnation, death and resurrection of Christ, a telos in which all creation comes to share in the eternal communion of love that God is. This is the ultimate goal of both redemption and creation. It is actually realised in redemption after the Fall, and it is a telos that proleptically conditions the creation.” (1)


Gospels of law and their fellow travellers are a distraction and a deceit. Such revisionist theologies undo the Gospel of Jesus and the apostles and revert the Believer to that which God has left behind: Adam, Moses, the knowledge of good and evil and the law. In the new covenant – the post cross living way, there are no insulating layers of religion and moralism. You have direct oneness with Christ who mediates Himself and the trinity into your being and those who believe. As such it is a great advantage to live in God rather than in the layers of religion that can dim the presence of God in one or suffocate it altogether.


If you want healing, wholeness and the spirit and life pictured by Moses burning bush you need to be done with the mumbo-jumbo of Moses laws and live in that which Moses prophetically saw: Christ in you.

If you desire to live in spirit and life you live in Jesus and His person incarnated in you. If intend to make to do in the Body of Death you choose the law and the old covenant and live from where God used to be.


The mediation of Christ and the trinity in person into pour being is our inheritance and privilege. “The vicarious work of the incarnate Christ [is] doing for us (creation) what we could not do for ourselves, taking what is ours and making it his own in order to give what is his to make our own.

We shall see that Torrance uses other words for this in other contexts, such as ‘atoning reconciliation’, and ‘atoning exchange’, but each time the basic idea is the same. Through the incarnation of the Son of God, in his taking to himself of human nature, God himself transfers our creaturely contingent existence into his own experience, so that Jesus Christ secures the origin and end of creation in his own eternal being. For Torrance, such logic is central to theosis – the union of divinity and humanity in the person of the incarnate Word and the participation of men and women in him, along with the summing up of all things in Christ.’ (2)

This logic is the reality that Paul names as ‘the reality is Christ’ and the reality that he denotes as Christ our life. Other realities may be familiar and may fall into the category of what people understand as Christianity. But this is not the Kingdom of God and it is about drops of living water rather than rivers of spirit and life.

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