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When lying is part of the political process and politicians promote half-truths and lies to stay in power; when truth is described as false facts; when war is made on other countries under false pretences; when climate change is denied for the profit of investors and when real Gospels are altered in favour of false gospels - because they are ours – we are slipping down the slope towards stagnation and ultimately death.


In his novel, ‘Cross Roads,’ William Paul Young writes, “If freedom is an incremental process, so, too, is the encroachment of evil. Small adjustments to truth and minor justifications over time build an edifice that would never have been predicted. True for any Hitler or Stalin or common person. The inside house of the soul is magnificent but fragile; any betrayals and lies embedded in its walls and foundation shift its construction in directions unimagined.” (1)


The Father of Lies is the Father of all Liars, truth twisters and diseased versions of reality. The reception of untruth into our being, means that these lies become part of us. This warped lens that we look through, conditions what we see and how we interpret ourselves and our world. This is why the Jesus Lens is critical for perceiving truth and life in the world and in religion. We can be known as persons who have an answer for everything. But because of the frame we are looking through our answer is always wrong and our being grows ‘wrong,’ because the virus of false truth warps our spirit and cripples our soul.

‘But what does Scripture say? "Get rid of the slave woman and her son, for the slave woman's son will never share in the inheritance with the free woman's son’ Gal 4.30 NIV.


We can live in oneness with Christ and be ourselves as persons and communities of faith – but we cannot alter the gospel and undo the apostle’s teaching because we think we have come by new light or special knowledge. Not unless we are Gnostics.* Gnosticism is a favourite way of diverting people from life in Jesus to life in other gospels that neutralise the Gospel of the Kingdom and neutralise people as sons and daughters of God. Sure we can belong to the Body of Christ with a ‘nutter’ gospel but we will not be sons of God in spirit and in truth because we are sons of the slave woman.


“For Athanasius, the terminus of the incarnational “becoming” was his actual existence in the flesh, and it is precisely because he existed humanly that all that pertained to his humanity can be attributed to him.” Jesus did not come among us as the representative of the law or some god-endorsement of the knowledge of good and evil.

There was nothing Gnostic about Jesus; no secret meaning, no drawing the tree of knowledge into the post-cross age by magic. Jesus came among us as The Son of God representing the fullness of the trinity and the life of the ‘Womb’ from which human beings had come. Jesus came among us as fully God and fully human to draw us back to a new beginning - new creation that would arise out of the Last Adam to become the Kingdom of God.


(1) William Paul Young, Cross Roads.