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A person in staff worship enquired loudly, ‘But what is God like?’ I was taken aback because I assumed that everyone knew that to see Christ was to see God. God is unknown in His infinity and revealed quite plainly in Jesus Christ.


Sure the Bible says, ‘If you have seen me, you have seen the Father,’ but that does not always means a lot. Christians can have view of God and the nature of the gospel that has little to do with what is set out in scripture or what God actually did in Christ. Either they have not read the Bible or they have read the scriptures through their own lens and ended up with a bunch of false facts (a bunch of nonsense that people believe in)*. Some have injected Arianism into their imagination - the belief that Jesus Christ was not fully God in the sense that Father is God. Some denominations were touched by this assumption and have never entirely cast it off.


To see Jesus is to see our Father. The Christ of God revealed our Father as He is. He also revealed us as we are and are becoming. A human being is revealed as a son of God in Christ. A person contained in the law reveals that they are a slave and a worker and not the son that they are when Christ is their life. To see Jesus is to see our Father and to see you.

God is as Jesus is. God is not an expression of the law but the reality and the expression of Godself: The I AM.


There is no hidden God behind the back of Jesus Christ for us to fear; God reveals Godself unreservedly in Christ. Divine revelation, therefore, forbids theological speculation about God. God remains mysterious still in revelation because the truth of God’s self-disclosure is mediated truth. God is hidden precisely because God is revealed. The hiddenness of God moves theology away from thinking with a centre in human beings to a centre in God’s self-revelation. There is no hidden God behind the revealed God, but the revealed God is God in hiddenness.” (1)


There is no hidden God behind the back of Jesus Christ. Which simply means that if we want to know what God is like, what God does and who God is, then we look exclusively upon the person and work of Jesus Christ. God is like this, and this is what God is like. God looks like Jesus, and any attempt to define God apart from Jesus Christ, to discover a God hidden behind the back of him is an enterprise we must reject.” Thus the real God and the real nature of God and of you is not to be found in the law, but in Jesus Christ. (2)

Just as a person - a miser- who lives out of a poverty mentality when they are not poor is pathetic, so we are less than we are when we live from the law instead of Christ come as us. Jesus is the accurate expression of God and the genuine expression of you. Make sure you are attached to genuine Christianity and not some amended look-alike.

* In the case of Mr Trump and his supporters ‘false facts’ are the truths they ignore in favour of their made-up reality.

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