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Our life in the Spirit is not a modified old testament way of keeping the law. Life in the Spirit is as different to law as a statue is from a real human being. Life in the Spirit is Christ come in our flesh – which simply means the person of Jesus expressed as us.


‘Many deceivers, who do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh, have gone out into the world. Any such person is the deceiver and the antichrist’2 John 1.7 NIV.

An apt metaphor for law-distracted gospel is a dead tree. Or a wood-pile as compared to a living tree. Jesus emphasised Himself as the Vine with ourselves as the branches. Jesus is God, is part of the trinity. He is in us and we are part of Him and part of His belonging in God. This aliveness is strikingly different to the woodenness of the law-keeper.


Recently I wrote that any addition to incarnation from the law dilutes Christ in us and numbs us to Christ. It’s a reversion to Adam’s separated life. In Adam the human race was not separated entirely from God. But it did not enjoy the union with God that Adam and Eve had with God before the fall.

In Jesus Christ this union has been retrieved and surpassed. In Christ we have been woven into God and God has been woven into us. Peace and rest in Christ is the proper obedience in this age. It allows the triune God to be expressed in each of us and the church. It’s the Way of the New Creation.


Myk Habets writes, “According to Torrance, ‘This evangelical conception of union with Christ governed Calvin’s teaching about justification and sanctification, Holy Communion, and the Church as the body of Christ’.. The fundamental basis of unio mystica for Calvin is to ‘put on Christ’ and to be ‘engrafted into him.’”

You are engrafted already. You are engrafted because Christ is. Christ is in heaven in full authority with Father and Christ is in you by the Spirit. Your role is to rest in the reality that is Christ and be who you are in Christ. He has come in your flesh and He has received you into all that is His.