It may not be possible for many folks to live independently of religion. Yet this is what Paul was speaking of when he used the words, ‘Christ our Life.’ It’s what John means when he stresses that the foundation of the Kingdom is Christ come in our flesh. It’s what I mean when I emphasise the glory revealed in each of us is a manifestation of Father in His daughters and sons. Richard Rohr talks of this kind of thing as ‘Living in the naked now.’ It means living in nothing other than the person of Jesus. Any addition to Him is a tincture of death.
We should know that religion is the package and not the Reality that is Christ. Growing in Christ involves learning to live in Christ Himself rather than relying in on the package that has no life in it at all. We may argue that it has -  but if we do we are arguing for a form of idolatry.
Michael Spenser wrote, “
The incarnation is an essential part of Jesus-shaped spirituality.” The mystery of the incarnation revealed is that Christ is revealed in you. In you, Jesus has a face. In us, Jesus is multiplied in the Every Day.
Revivals that are replete with signs and wonders have less than a lasting effect. This is because they are not the main even. Your achieved oneness with God by Christ is the main event. This is the healing of you and the nations.
The foundational healing of the individual Believer and the Christian Church is the reconciliation that is ours in atonement and incarnation. This oneness with God realised is the source of our inner healing, the healing of the world and the cause of our ability to minister spirit and life in words and deeds. To live such healing is to live life alive. The illusion that we do not need this is ours when we have never been alive in His life. We have tried to be alive in religion and law.
Christ our life is the Source of holiness and wholeness. Christ come in our flesh is our being and our person healed and becoming healed. Oneness with God is Adam ended and Christ begun in us. This is where the gifts and the charisms are rooted when they are sustained and effective. Christ our life is our holy communion in the holy and creative life of Every Day.

Leanne Payne observes that, “
The oldest liturgical prayer that we know about is a command prayer, or prayer of invocation (see 1 Corinthians 16:22; Revelation 22:20b; and the Didache, a Christian document dated 90-110 A.D.). It was joyously spoken at the end of the Communion Meal. The Word had been taught-now the Word was to be experienced, affirmed to them with "signs following."
Only three words in length, it is, I think, the most wonderful and powerful prayer in all Christendom: "Come, Lord Jesus!" The early Christians must have shouted this prayer aloud with great fervour, knowing that He, their risen
Lord, would by His Spirit be present to them in a most special way again.” (1)
‘When Christ, who is your life, appears, then you also will appear with him in glory’ Col 3.4 NIV. Today and every day.
(1) Leanne Payne, The Healing Presence. P.49