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Signs and wonders and miracles of healing. They are all part of the gospel of the Kingdom. But they are not the gospel. They advertise the Gospel. What is the Gospel of the Kingdom. Basically it is that we and Father have been made one in the person of Jesus Christ. Adam has been undone and Jesus has won.


I have been to India many times with my friends and we have been instrumental in the Lord’s healing of many people. We went to India because I had written in my blog around the year 2008 that our mission was to continue what Jesus began, meaning to heal the sick, raise the dead and cast out demons. Indian pastors invited us to come and we did. I have seen many people healed and know one woman who has been raised from the dead. But what is the meaning of this other than the love of God for a woman and a family. It means that in Jesus God has raised us from spiritual death by joining us to Himself in Himself – meaning in His Son.

Diseases healed is the sign of our healed relationship with God.


‘Heal the sick, raise the dead and cast out demons for the Kingdom of God is here.’ This is the eternal mandate of the Kingdom despite what cessationism would tell us. The authority of Jesus and His re-creative power faded in history not because God intended it but because people exchanged the power of Holy Spirit for Institutionalism. When patterns, burocracies and externalities become our life, our being has not risen from the dead. We remain in Adam semi-mummified and in a form of godliness not only without power but without life.

Healings are signs of God’s re-creative power to heal our sin-bent lives.


This was Paul’s meaning when he spoke of ‘
working out your salvation.’ He meant that we should maintain vigilance against the watering down of the simple power of this radical truth of Christ becoming manifest in us and as us. Paul spoke of ‘Fighting the good fight’ and Christ ‘being our life.’ Our life work is to marinate ourselves in the fullness of the massive life that is Jesus unleashed in us. But the foundational healing of us and the world come from our inheritance: Union with God.

Truth heals separation from God.


Miraculous healing and the gifts of the Spirit are not a thing in themselves. They are not separate from the universal healing offered by God through His Son. There are communities where if every person in the church was healed of a physical malady the people would still be sick in their souls. Sick because they have been indoctrinated in a non-gospel of separation. But God has made us one with His Family in Jesus. As sons of God – in spirit and in truth – we can glow with inner healing and spiritual wellness. This is ours in the life-mentality of the Christ. Never in the sin-mentality of religion.


One can operate in the gifts and be an unhealed person in one’s being. The core healing of the world is our already achieved, enthusiastic welcoming into the fellowship of God (the trinity) along with the certainty that we and Father are one. This healing is ours as we agree that we are not separate, not an offence to God but have been made members of the Holy Family of the trinity. We are healed and formed as sons and daughters as we live in this union, flourishing in companionship with God as the sons and daughters of God.

‘On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20 NIV. The healing of our relationship with God and of our being begins when this relationship is ours.


This is the healing of our Father wound - separation from God – the source of all spiritual illness and the reason for all varieties of the crippled soul and diseased body. Any theology that fosters and unfinished at-one-ment or promotes any kind of separationism this side of the cross promotes sickness of soul.


Jesus healed people and raised them from the dead. Because He loved them. And for a sign. A sign that He had come to heal the human race, the earth and all life. In Jesus’ Adam’s separation was undone. In Jesus rules, laws and rites were exchanged for His person in us. His person as us. In Jesus the decay of Adam has been replaced by the ceaseless up-welling of life from the resurrected Jesus. In Jesus we are not orphans or alienated sons. We are the sons of God. You have access to the healing of your father wound in Father who is always with you and lives in you. This Father is never somewhere else.