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When Paul used the words, Christ our life he was not writing that Jesus is the Helper to help us be a Christian. Paul meant Christ stands for us. Christ comes in the flesh and becomes us. The result is that you are the manifestation of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. You are a son of God. Not someone who is working at being a son of God. We are talking the difference between religion and your inheritance in Christ. Francois Du Toit puts it this way.

“Jesus Christ, the Incarnation, mankind’s co-inclusion, co-crucifixion, co-resurrection and co-seatedness in him, is the only valid context and theme of scripture. This is the good of the Good News!

(Jesus exhibits the Father and the Holy Spirit in one man, in action!)” Christ exhibits Himself in you.

Christ your life is life in the Spirit. You in the law plus the gifts is not life in the Spirit. The Spirit can come on our Adam/Moses life in droplets. Holy Spirit comes on us when Christ is our life in unlimited rivers of living water.

Jesus did not come to help us do Moses. Jesus came manifest Himself in each of us. Life in the Spirit is Christ manifest as our flesh.